Change and healing are happening from within

Co-written with my higher self and divine complement with much love and straight from the heart.

With what is going right now in our world it is making me wonder how we can turn things around and make the best out of the situation that we are given. I often think to myself and then insights and awareness to the deeper meaning of experiences arise. Nothing is ever as simple as only taking particular actions to change what we don’t like about our experience. We can take steps and we can try to change things on the outside by physically doing the necessary work for it. This is only a part of the solution to a much more complex matter.

In order to truly change things that cause us grief and pain we have to be courageous enough to see deeper and beyond the physical experience.
Right now we are being confronted with racism, hate, ignorance, arrogance, rage, judgement, prejudice, pride and a whole range of toxic and yet deep wounds that are within the whole of humanity. Do not be mistaken: what I have summed up right now is something that is within ALL of our cells because of the ancient and false programming within our DNA. We may think we are free from all of these emotions and yet every single human being has it within them whether it is active or not. This is why this makes it an issue for all of us and nobody is excluded.

Our ancestors have been the victim and the perpetrator throughout the history many times. These experiences are passed on to us through our blood and DNA. This is why we feel the pain and why we can relate to one or the other and play out the role that our ancestors have before. People that are not conscious of the core wounds within their bloodline will act of these past experiences because it is within their DNA and programming. They are asleep, unaware, not conscious of their true inheritance and the effect that it has on the people around them. They are playing out a role that is passed on to them from generations before. We all have free will and a choice but people who are not connected to their heart will not realize the power that lies within them and will blindly follow the programming that is active within their cells.
This is why it is so important and urgent for all that who are aware to do the necessary inner work to free ourselves from these generational wounds of abuse and trauma. When we actively do the work on embracing the victim AND the perpetrator within us we heal the karmic pattern of our bloodline and therefore everyone that is connected to it. When I say everyone I mean all the blood connections related to that particular bloodline.

Do you see how this can heal the whole world if we make the effort to consciously connect to the parts within us that are not loved and accepted? We all have that enraged racist within us screaming to be heard and loved. We all have the victim within us that is asking to be validated, embraced and loved. We ALL carry the whole history of humankind within our cells and consciousness. Do you realize how powerful of a being you are and how YOU can make a huge difference by simply loving and accepting the parts within you that have never been accepted and seen by your ancestors?

These are the parts that are now reflected and projected into the world and as a result we are feeling the chaos around all of it. Don’t get swallowed up by it and don’t focus on the darkness that is being shown. Focus on the deeper meaning behind it. Focus on the inner world where this chaos is truly coming from. These issues have never been addressed in our world because nobody ever dared to go that deep within themselves and acknowledge what was alive in the darkness within their soul. This darkness is now being unleashed and the only way to deal with it is to love it so hard and with so much compassion that it will be transformed into light. There is no room for darkness when the light has been turned on. There is no shadow when we walk within the light of our truth.

We came here to love, we came here to love all aspects of ourself without any exceptions because if there is one thing that everyone is craving on this planet it is LOVE.
Own it, express it, shine it, spread it and most importantly BE it in every single way possible. This is how we heal, this is how we change the frequency of the world and this his what our true superpower is.
Love, it has always and will be LOVE.

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