Change in the prices for paintings

Today is the last day of the original price of €150 / €166 for the soul portraits.

Change of rates for the soul portraits: €300

Due to the large amount of time, energy, effort, care and materials I put into all of my creations I decided that is time to change the price to what it is truly worth: €300.
I want to keep offering these soul portraits because it is something I truly love and enjoy doing.
To be of best service to you and not to get drained I feel I need to do what I always encourage others to do and see the worth in my own work.

These paintings are created based on your personal and unique soul frequency that come through in the way that you need to see it at this time.
You will receive a powerful download of light codes through the painting and a personal channeled message. You can find all the information about it in the pinned post on top of the page.

Have you been considering to get a painting of your own? Then today is the last time you can do it at the original price of €150.

All payments are through Transferwise.

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