Dare to shine your colors

This is an aspect of my divine masculine. He showed himself as an Egyptian God with the essence of Ra, however he has other aspects combined in this painting that you might feel as well.

You can tune into his essence to receive the transmission that you need. Take a deep breath in, set the intention to receive what is for your highest good and breathe out.
Here is his message for you all! 💛

“Beloved ones, speaking from your heart and showing yourself in such a way is a true gift for humanity. The more you show yourself in the most colorful ways of your being the more you inspire others to see themselves just like that. You are a palette of various colors that now have the opportunity to show to the world. Dare to shine just to way you are. Don’t hide them because others may not like the color you are inside.

You all have different tastes, different opinions, views, thoughts and preferences and all of these are important as a contribution to the world that you are creating. It is not about picking one color and trying to change everyone to be the exact same shade. You are learning as a collective that being any color of the spectrum is a value to this world and all have the right to be exactly as you choose to be. Some like to explore the darker shades, some like to be in their rainbow colors, others like to be subtle summer colors and some prefer the winter.
You can be anything that you wish to be and therefore acceptance and understanding of each ones own unique choice will get you to the new world you all want to live one.

What is happening now is that all the colors of the world are starting to show themselves. People no longer want to hide they way they are. People are speaking up and standing up for others because they are seeing how you are all a different shade from the same Source. And isn’t that what makes you so beautiful?
The whole human race is one beautiful creation of different energies and frequencies. But you are all still from the same Source. It is not until you truly realize that you can be whoever you choose to be that you will be in your power.
So see and honor the color in every person and living being on this planet for they are another expression of the creation that you are.
You are not seperate, you are not even different, you just chose to experience a another shade of the same Source.

I honor you and I see the divine colors that you chose to be in this life. To the Creator you all shine in your truest expression no matter what you chose to be this time around.
Shine proudly whichever color you are for there is nothing but pure love shining from your essence.”

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