Light codes and activation from ancient Egypt

This is a twin flame portrait I had the honor to create for my soul sister Annie Rios. Her divine masculine showed himself in his Egyptian God aspect. This painting contains powerful activations from ancient Egypt and brings through healing and light codes that are needed now.
Many activations are happening right now. Do you feel it too? This is his message for you all.

“Beloved ones, your transformation is ongoing and right now you are in the middle of the process integrating your higher aspects. At the same time you are releasing of old coding and programming.
This can feel intense for your body and those who have been struggling with physical ailments due to holding in painful emotions may feel this release physically. It is parting of old beliefs and memories of the past that can feel like loss, sadness, grief, regret, shame and other emotions that feel like a heavy weight on your shoulders or pain in your physical body.

The burdens you once felt within are being transformed so that you can feel joy, happiness, positivity, clarity and abundance. Do not feel discouraged by this process and think this is what you will keep experiencing. This is merely a process of transformation and you are in the midst of the biggest release right now.
This will pass, you will know joy for you are the greatest teachers of this time. You will inspire others by the transformation that you are going through now and you will let the next generation of the awakened know that it is safe to trust to be here on earth. You are all gaining confidence in yourself and seeing beyond the illusion that has been in front of your eyes.

Your divinity is being integrated in the human awareness so that the expansion you are going through will be life-changing for you and for the whole of humanity. You will see yourself for who you really are as a divine, whole, greater than life, multi-dimensional being of the Universe. Earth is but one place that you are at while you are living a thousand lives at the same time. Nothing is ever seperate and you are becoming aware of that you are a part of the ungoing creation of the Universe.

There is no death, there is no end. There are only beginnings when you truly look from the eyes of your soul. Look beyond your human vision and realize that you are Gods experiencing itself in this moment of perfect creation.

You are right where you are supposed to be. The here, the now, the endless moment of infitine and creative expansion. You have no end, you are limitless, you are love and you are loved. Remember this for you are the truth that you are seeking for.”

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