Art promotion for January!

⭐ Art PROMO for January 2021:
ALL paintings €150 instead of €300 (only 5 spots left)⭐

🎉Let the new year start of with a magical soul portrait as a gift to yourself or a loved one!

🔥This year is coming to an end and the closing of the old energies is happening right now. December is a month where we will release the last bits of this turbulent year as we are opening the portal to 2021.
Let’s welcome more abundance, love and balance into our reality.

⚡For this reason I am offering a personal painting of your higher self or any other guide that is ready for you to see for €150 instead of €300 to start with the new year!
👉Interested in seeing which aspect will show up? Order now! This promotion runs as long as there are spots available.

💥Email me to order your energetic painting!

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