The marriage within

A twin flame union painting for a loving sister that I am sharing with much gratitude.
The masculine is going through a transformationam right now. The union within us is happening and we are coming into balance while shedding our old beliefs and pains.

“As the force within the masculine and feminine is rising and growing you are becoming stronger in your true self. The fears of being yourself and speaking your truth is melting away as if it has never existed.

This dark period of the winter sleep of this year is coming to an end. You can already feel the change within you and you are not in the same frequency you have been since the beginning of this year. You have grown and you have expanded. Your heart is beating to a different frequency and the world is spinning around to make sure that the necessary change is happening for all of humanity.
The change within you has almost come a full circle as you are coming into union with all parts of yourself. Your masculine and feminine self are dancing together in a harmonious yet in a powerful dance of unconditional love. This is what is raising the frequency of this planet. The union of your masculine and feminine self cannot be stopped. The wave of love of this marriage within is creating a mass awakening.

The love within your hearts is unstoppable and those who are touched by your presence will remember their own divine connection. This is why this is a force that can not ever be prevented or corrupted. This union within is happening no matter what others may say or do. You came to experience union and so this is what shall happen.

Stay strong and have faith. Believe in the power of love for there truly is no more powerful energy in this universe. You are here for a purpose and you are serving it right now.”

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