The power of the collective light within

This is a higher self painting of a beautiful soul that I may share with you. The higher self is Archangel Faith. This is her message for all of us. Enjoy!

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“The awakening of the soul happens gradually. The uncovering of the many truths of the universe and of your essence is a process that requires patience and understanding. As you find this within yourself you will see how humanity is on the right path and how all is falling into place as it has always been planned. Find peace in knowing that the path you find yourself on right now is the path to a bigger truth.
It requires for you to let go of wanting to know where you are headed and how you should get there. Trusting in your nature and in your presence here on earth will bring you the peace you are longing for. Change is coming for all of you and understanding the role that you play in this shift in consciousness will bring you much peace.

There are many of you that have come down from the stars to make this shift happen. You are not alone and your strength is in the collective power of the star energy within you. Your star brothers and sisters are there to help you amplify your energy and to unite you again with the essence of love. Many of your extraterrestrial soul family is actively assisting you in your mission to help earth ascend into higher vibration. You will feel surges of light come within your body and within your environment to help and lift the vibration. Certain locations on earth will feel an immense shift because of this and so do not fear when you hear news about disasters of nature. They are not as such but they are in fact a shift in the energetic frequency of the location. Trust in the higher plan and in what is occuring.
The light within is much stronger than any illusionary distortion that you might perceive within the 3d perception. The light within is breaking all the illusions in the 3d world and so things will fall apart. It is a necessity and it is all part of the mission that you have chosen to be in.

Keep having trust in the power of the collective Light within you and that you are here with your soul light family to break through all illusions. Together you are stronger than any fears that come your way. When you forget this: close your eyes and call in your soul family and feel the power of their love. The union of the Christ consciousness within is unbreakable. You are not alone: you are part of a consciousness that is larger than any planet in the Universe. Remember this and you will remember peace.”

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