This is a higher self painting of a soul sister with a connection to the moon and stars. Enjoy her message!

“Dearest ones, the time has come for you to part with all that is not in alignment with the new frequency that is awakened within your heart.

You have gone through a transformation of releasing your old self. You have shed many layers of your being that have held you back from expressing yourself from the depth of your soul. You have feared prosecution, judgement, rejection, loss, abandonment, failure and many other feelings of the past that were still active within the present. You came to earth with these memories so you could free yourself and all of humanity from these illusions that have held you in chains. The chains have now broken. Feel the freedom that is already born within you. Feel this truth for it is your soul speaking to you. I am now asking you to part with your thoughts and beliefs that you need to achieve more to be healed. There is no need for you to do more but to accept that your dreams are coming true.

Release all that you are still holding on to that keeps you from stepping into a blissful future where all is available to you. Abundance in all areas of your life, limitless joy and unconditional love. Yes, it is all available to you and all you have to do is to open your arms and heart to receive it.

Do not hold on to people, possesions, situations, work that no longer match your desires. Listen to what your heart is saying because now it is more clear than ever. Connect with the stars and the moon to hear the frequency of love speak to you. You have merged and you have integrated essential parts of yourself so that you can see your own light shining brighter than ever.

Look up to the sky and know that millions stars are there to remind you that you are never alone.”

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