True beauty is the love within

Sharing this divine higher self painting of a beautiful soul sister with much gratitude.

True beauty is a reflection of the love that is within. Have you looked in the mirror and told yourself how beautiful you are lately? Have you shown appreciation to yourself for being the amazing human being that you are? Do you see how perfect you are in every single meaning of the word?
We will know what true love is when love ourselves exactly as we are are right now.
Enjoy the message that comes from this beautiful Goddess!

“The expansion of the heart is a process that is uncomfortable and even painful at times. With all that you have collected from the time you were born and all that you have inherited from your parents, grandparents and ancestors is now being released in big chunks from your cellular memory. You have inherited memories from your bloodline and you are also clearing our personal karma that lead you to be in the incarnation you are right now. Your life as it is has been carefully chosen by your soul so that you can help release yourself from any karmic debt and so that you can clear your bloodline from the same patterns it has been carrying for centuries. It is no coincidence you are in the body you are in right now with the experiences you have gone through up until this point.

You have no defects, no flaws, no mistakes, you are not broken, you do not need to be fixed, you do not need to prove your worth or to do more to be accepted and loved. You came to help humanity heal by seeing the truth about yourself and bringing love into the experiences you have had here on earth many times before. To be here at this point in your life you have undergone many challenges and disconnected experiences. You have been preparing for this lifetime for many lives so that you could be in the higher awareness you are in right now. You could not be here and understanding this message if you haven’t walked the path of many multi-colored experiences of life on earth. You are here for a purpose and the healing part is truly all about remembering your soul and shedding the layers of illusion that made you forget the higher aspect of yourself. As your physical body is integrating the light of your soul deeper you will see the true beauty reflected back at yourself when you look in the mirror. You will no longer see only parts of yourself but you will see the wholeness shining through your soul. You will have no effort seeing yourself as perfect as you will be the pure embodiment of your loving soul within your body.
Your soul sees no flaws, only the memories of the past can make you believe you are less than perfect. These memories are being wiped clean and for this you must have patience and understanding for your humanness and for your physical body. Do not get angry and upset with yourself and be impatient with your process. You are clearing thousands of years through your physical experience.

The light that is entering your body right now is the love that it has always been missing and so the feeling of disconnection will rise up so it can be cleared once and for all.
When love touches the dense parts within the body it causes pain but once it is integrated your body will shine in a different frequency that holds more light than ever before. The purity of your nature is now being awakened from within and so you can be proud of the human that you are right now. Pure, perfect, whole and complete.”

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