You can choose which timeline you want.

A higher self painting of a soul sister that I may share with you.
There is balance between the sun and the moon, the masculine and feminine. No seperation, only oneness.
Enjoy her message !

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“Beloveds, now is the time to stand firm in your beliefs and follow what your inner voice is telling you to do. The energies within the human consciousness have shifted and so you can proceed to follow what you need to do to make your dreams come true. What are your dreams and your beliefs? What do you believe from deep within? What is your inner voice calling you to do?

Stand still in this moment and go within to find your answer. Your soul always knows which path to follow and if you become silent enough you will hear the answer. The answer can be very simple and there is power in simplicity. Do not ignore what you see, feel, hear from within for it is your guidance to go to the next level.

You are all moving into a new direction. It is a new direction of being, a new way of thinking and acting. You are coming more and more into alignment with the higher frequencies that are coming unto earth right now. There are many portals opening on earth and more will follow in the near future. Hold in your heart what you wish to see happen for humanity. Dream and fantasize about the future you want to experience as a collective and know that there is such a timeline available for you.

You have many choices, many opportunities and you can create any outcome that you want to see. You can change the past, present and future by the power of your thoughts which come from your core beliefs. If you are not happy with the way things are in this instant then think what would make you feel happy? What change needs to occur for you to feel comfortable and peaceful? Explore these thoughts, create this reality from within and you will pick a timeline that matches your beliefs.

Every timeline is available and you get to choose. So choose mindfully and choose with intention for you are the creator of your reality.”

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