The expansion of your vision

These are the higher selves of two souls that I may share with yet.

Although young in years their essence is ancient and wise beyond their years. We may feel our appearance and our lives are nothing special but our soul has a limitless amount of knowledge and a beauty that goes beyond the comprehension of our mind.

The energy and frequency within this painting speaks for itself.
Feel the wisdom from their divine self and the peace in within that knowledge.

Enjoy their message!

“Beloved ones, every day is a new day full with opportunities and abilities for you to experience. You have the free will to choose how you handle the situations you find yourself in and the things that come your way. Even if you feel you are not in control of your experiences you always have the ability to look at these given situations from a perspective that you can benefit from. The way you choose to perceive things is the way you shape your reality.

If you can see opportunities through the limited perceptions of the mind you will see that problems do not exists. They are simply an illusion that you can solve by using your creativity and by expanding your vision.

Use your natural born senses and intuition to help your mind expand its understanding and perception of the physical reality. See the connections between all that you are experiencing and see the divine orchestration in all of it. The place you find yourself in right now is the exact place you need to be.

Understand that there are no accidents or coincidences in life and that even when you feel you have made a mistake that it has benefited you in a much bigger way than your mind allows you to think. Your mind will always try to convince you that what you are and where you are is somehow not sufficient or even not right.

Expand your vision, broaden your perspective and see that you too are part of a bigger plan that is here for a higher purpose.

In this new year open your heart and dare to follow your calling. No step that you take is too big, no thought that you think is too small. You are a supernatural human being that came with the ability to expand in a way that the human race has never seen before. You are all but ordinary, you are all special and one of a kind. There is no other like you in this universe and that is what makes you so extraordinary. We can all see this in each of you and now it is time to see yourself like that too.

Follow your inner guidance and inner calling because that voice will be speaking louder than ever before.
You are pioneers, the brave ones that chose to break through limitations and built up walls of illusion throughout centuries. You are doing what you came to do and your light will only become stronger so that the rest of humanity will awaken to their own true potential.

The world is awakening and it is all because of you.”

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