3 Promotions for March!

💥💥3 Promotions for March:
limited spots available!! 💥💥

This time I have 2 NEW offers and 1 with a BIG discount! 👇

⚡Guardian Guide painting: €180, only 5 spots available! ⚡

💙Who do you call upon for protection, power and strength?
💙Who is there to guard your house, family and loved ones?
Each person has a personal guide to help with shielding and setting with energetic boundaries. With this painting you will be able to connect with their energy through the visual image.
These beings can be dragons, spirit animals, aliens, nature beings and many more!


🎉Soul Activation drawings: €111 instead of €300!🎉 Only 5 spots!

⚡What is a Soul Activation drawing?
This is a drawing made on black paper with colors and light language, light codes and symbols that will activate and trigger a remembrance of your soul essence on a subconscious level.
Information will be downloaded to you so that you can ground your higher self more into your body. This is a powerful activation of the divine Self that will bring you more awareness of your multidimensional nature and will help you to come into your true power.


⚡Your Lemurian / Atlantean / Egyptian God/ess aspect: €180⚡
⚡only 3 spots available!⚡

What does your God/ess self look like and what does he/she have to share with you?
The image of this divine aspect will have light codes from these ancient times to help you with your current experience on earth.

🔥The images will be sent by e-mail in March. Payment is through Transferwise or Paypal. All sales are final and to be paid when placing the order.🔥

Message me to order your painting! 😊🎨


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