A conversation with my guides

This is a conversation I had with my spirit guides at 2.30 in the morning after having a dream of being taken on a space ship and going home for a visit.

I found it interesting and maybe this will help you to understand things better and from a different perspective.

It ends abruptly as I was too tired to continue to type and talk. But maybe I will continue this conversation another time.

ME:Why did you show me this dream?
GUIDES: So you can remember who you really are and why you are really here. This experience is merely a glimpse of who you are and what you are truly capable of. You know like no other what it is to have the experience and feelings of true oneness. Where you come from that is the only thing that exists and this is why you have been writing about it so much. You remember and you brought this from home. This is the way to heal the feelings of loneliness and seperation: by remembering your connection with the oneness that is experienced within.
Each time you come back to us and report on your experience and you heal by connecting to us. The higher cosmic frequencies. This happens at night so that you wake up feeling recharged. Yes, you do not remember what happens then but it is to spare your human psyche which isn’t ready to take on this information. Not only in the logical sense but in vibration because it cannot place what happens from a human perspective. So we allowed for you to see what happens when you come back home at night. You disconnect from your human body for a while to recharge and replenish in the energies of your home. To come back and be refueled with them so you can use these energies within your subconsciousness during the day. You receive codes that you take with you and that you embody. This is why you feel “shitty” sometimes as you call it. It is because your body is integrating this information and unfortunately it causes you to feel uncomfortable and restless. This is a process and to ease it it requires your awareness of what is happening. We provide you with it as we have today. So you can remember the mission you are on. This is all temporary and we are taking care of you. You are not alone. What you feel will soon pass. We always hear you, trust in us and in your own healing abilities. Your access to these frequencies is always available even when you don’t feel it the transmission always happens on your request. We are always coordinating that it goes right and where it needs to.

ME:No interferences possible ?
GUIDES: No outside forces are able to get to you. We make sure your connection is solid and stable. The only thing that can hinder is your emotions that can go into a lower frequency. We cannot reach you as easily then yet you are connected at all times even if you feel not so.

ME:What should I do to stay in a connected zone?
GUIDES: Be aware, be simply aware of your connection. Use your antennas to tune in when you have fallen out of the right frequency. It’s just an adjustment of frequencies and when you focus we can readjust and make sure you can hear us. You can recognize us by your feelings of home and oneness. We will give you that and then you will know you are back ‘online’.

ME:. You don’t really use words do you?
GUIDES: We only use words for the sake of your understanding but when you are with us we don’t need verbal communication. We can access the information through our energetic connection. Yet when you come to us you do like to speak in human words until you remember it isn’t necessary. Whichever way you wish to communicate, we always understand you.

ME:What are my strengths here on earth?
GUIDES: You are a teacher. You came to deliver messages from beyond this realm in your own unique way. You are mastering the skills of communication: verbal and non verbal and you will be teaching others how to do this too. Communication is an important tool for connection. Communication through the voice as speech but communication through the heart is important too. You will be teaching and guiding others how to use all these tools to enhance the connection to their own soul and to all source of life: love. You have an excellent way of expressing yourself although we know you feel limited in this from your perspective on earth. Much feels limiting to you there because of the “basic” abilities as a human.
But you are here for expansion and you are expanding your awareness and with this you also receive understanding of what you are capable of doing. This expansion can be uncomfortable because you are growing out of an outfit that has become too small. It is pulling from all sides and meanwhile you are transforming it into a more comfortable gown for yourself.

ME:Gown? Am I a princess?
GUIDES: If you want to be. Isn’t that every girls dream?
ME: I wanted to be a mermaid as a child. Not a princess. Turn me into a superfast mermaid instead.

GUIDES: As you wish, you are magic after all. You can be what you want to be. And this is what we mean that you are expanding in your awareness and understanding. You already are everything you want to be.

ME:Who are you?
GUIDES:We are you. We are a collective of consciousness that speaks as a singular form. You call it the Christ Consciousness. The expanded awareness that all of creation exists of.

ME:You are not actual physical beings?
GUIDES: No, but we do reside in physical form in other beings who are aware of this connection. The awareness of the collective consciousness of unconditional love. You remember this connection and we are proud of you. You are doing far more than you can imagine for humanity and its inhabitants. The world is shining brighter because you have brought your light to this planet. Without you it would not be the same.

ME:Thank you for making me feel special and for showing me that what I do matters.
GUIDES: It matters much more than you can understand. You are changing history in many ways because of your presence. You didn’t take your mission to earth lightly. You took it because you knew the impact you would make by coming here. You also knew you would forget everything you know only to learn it all again from the beginning. You chose willingly to forget it all while you already know everything.
You are an evolved being that does not need to learn it all again yet chose it because you knew that it would affect so many who aren’t able to do it otherwise. You didn’t come here for yourself you came here to help others. You didn’t come here alone. You came with joined forces. You call it soul family yet it does not describe the true meaning of this collective of conscious beings. You are a force of oneness divided in physical experiences. You are part of the same collective consciousness vibrating at the frequencies of the same single thought. There are many of you and you are coming together. Pulled like magnets because you vibrate at the same frequency. As the energies are lifted on your planet – thanks to you and others like you – you will all meet in due time. But it is already happening.

ME: How about the twin flames? Are they coming together?
GUIDES:The ones that are part of this collective, like yourself, yes you are coming together on a physical level. Yet you have always been working together in the energetic level. Healing and uplifting humanity. But this time you chose to join together on earth to be part of the ground crew and spread love and awareness in the physical experience. It is to anchor that energy into the physical plane and into the lower density of this planet to raise awareness and the vibration of the planet. It is needed to have a stronger impact than only working from the higher realms. You are in essence bringing down what already exists in the non physical planes. When you are with two as a couple of divine union then your mission becomes even more powerful. That light you have will enhance and become twice as strong and vibrant. You are preparing for this meeting so that you will be able to handle the vibration of your union in your physical embodiment. You are being finetuned to these frequencies right now so that the experience of your union will be a blissful one.
We know it is challenging for you to stay in your belief of it all and we also know that what we say feels true to you right now. It is normal to doubt yourself when you find yourself in the lower frequencies of the physical plane.This doubt is something that is like a frequency / shield around world. It is a shield that you bump into sometimes and when you are in emotions you cannot get passed it. But this energetic shield of doubt is becoming thinner each time as your light pierces through it. You are working with many to pierce through the wall of this illusion and it is breaking down. It is crumbling down and because of this it feels for humanity as if disasters and doom is upon them. This is part of the awakening process and in order to get through this you must stay in the frequency you are in right now. Focused intention on the heart and on the love within.

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