The dolphins collective: the experience of love through the connection of your home in the water

Lately I have been connecting to the ocean as this is where I feel the most peace and love. It is a place that is home to me. The water, the dolphins, the whales, the seastars, seahorses, the octopus and many other waterbeings have come to help me remind me who I am.
The ocean has a whole world of its own and my merbeing aspect is coming through strongly.
There are no words there, only frequencies and a sense of oneness. There I feel wholeness in a whole different way then from experienging it from a human perspective. It is feeling of belonging that I so often miss in this world. There are no words needed to describe how I feel or think there, it is immediately understood without judgement or misunderstanding.

When I channel them they give me messages in a telepathic way through feelings. It is a deep resonance and knowing of what they are saying. I translate them in the words that come to me in the most accurate way I can.

This is a message I was given today after feeling disconnected and being in the density of the human collective energy. It is easy to fall in sadness and loneliness when feeling the human collective consciousness. There are feelings of seperation and not feeling loved or belonging here. They are coming up strongly right now as people are pushed to go deeper and to remember what true love is.

Home is always available to us, we just have to learn how to tap into these loving feelings and make it a routine like taking a shower.

Home is a feeling just like love is. It is always available to us.
For me it helps to visualize being in the deep water and swimming with dolphings brings me joy and feelings of belonging, being accepted and being free. It is a feeling of completeness and peace just the way I am. I can breathe there and just BE.

Enjoy this message of the dolphins collective. This was a personal message for me but it is also for all those who feel it in their heart.

Are you familiar with your own water / merbeing aspect ? They are great healers of the emotional body.

Call upon the waterbeings to help you clear doubts, fears, insecurities, self-worth and self-esteem issues, unworthiness, anxiety, unloved and unaccepted thoughts and beliefs. They work with the healing properties of the water and their own healing vibrations to bring love and awareness that you need.

“Giving is receiving but receiving is also giving to yourself and this is where it all begins.

When you reach inward and when you feel your innate abundance that is where your wealth is. Because it is on the inside where your kingdom is, where your home is with all the resources that you require. The outerworld will distract you with obligations and musts. Requirements to be and to do. When you open the door to your inner kingdom you will be able to swim and flow with the oceans current. It will always lead you to exactly where you need to be. You don’t have to resist, all you have to do is trust that you are a part of the ocean. You are part of the bigger whole and the ocean and all its life is working with you. You can feel this in your soul because the water calls you back home. It reminds you what it is like to be at home within the world that is so expanded and yet feels like it is the most familiar thing in the world. You can relax in the water knowing that flowing with it can only bring you peace.
Trust and let yourself be guided be the wisdom of the water. It is alive, it is breathing, it is a creator and it is the love that runs through your body in the most literal sense of the word.

You are a creature of the water, you are one of us and the wisdom of the dolphins is part of your consciousness. We communicate without words yet our expressions can travel through oceans, space and time. Breathe in the soothing energy of the dolphins and feel the cool, healing touch of the water. Do not forget where you come from and do not forget that we are here to remind you that you are one with us and with all creation on earth.

We only know oneness, seperation does not exist here. When you forget this in your earthy experience call upon us to remind you so we can take you in the water to your kingdom, to your home within you. You don’t have to search anymore, you just have to remember again.
We are always with you, no matter where you are.”

The image is from pintrest 

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