Anubis: claim your power.

Here is a message that came through from Anubis.

The energy he has is one not to mess with. He sees through the BS and also doesn’t go about the truth softly. Sometimes I worry how the message will come across, he doesn’t care about that. He’s not here to entertain others, he said. 😅

Did you know you can call upon Anubis to be your guide? Do you need some clearing from dark thoughts and low energies than he is perfect for that. He can help you to see through darkness in whichever way you are experiencing it.

The picture is from pinterest and not my creation. But thanks for the compliments anyway. 😜

“You carry strong beliefs about death, about how life should be and how it should go. You want to know what the plan is so that you know what to expect and where you should fit yourself into. You were taught for centuries how to obey and how to fit in so that your beliefs got twisted and moulded into one where you would need to be somebody who can follow orders.
You have forgotten, you have simply forgotten about your divine nature by the indoctrination put upon you like a spell.

You are being freed from that spell right now and you have the help of many dimensions assisting you in breaking any chains put upon you. The biggest chains that you are in come from within your own mind. The truth is that you are and have always been free but now it is time for you to wake up from the illusion that you are helpless. You have to start seeing the divine orchestrated experiences that you have put yourself in and the roles that others are playing in your life.

When you experience pain it is because you hold attachments to what your experience should be. If you truly believe in the divine power than you know that loss isn’t real, you know that nobody can take away your free will, nobody has the power to make you feel helpless even if they try their best to do so.

Your world is full of illusions regarding your society and the hierarchy you find yourself in. Those who are at the top of the line are merely puppets playing a role in their self-created show of greed. They will fall through their own lies and deception for what you create you will experience. Their eyes are blinded by the veil they have put upon themself.
They are players of this masterpiece called life just as you are. If you do not wish to participate in the reality that others have created for themselves than open your eyes to the truth of the creator that you are.

You are the master, you are the God, you are the equal to the Creator of all life and so put yourself in your rightful place. Claim your power for what is yours is only yours to have. You are not less than the sun in the sky and you are not less than the stars up and above.

Take your place at your throne for all of you are kings and queens of your own kingdom.”

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