Lilith: you choose how you walk your path

This past week has been a rough one. I have been triggered and I have experienced old fears that came up to be released. Anxiety and feelings of not being in control of my own life. Rules set by society to fit in and to follow have always given me much stress and brought up self-worth issues and not being good enough. But when we force ourselves to fit in we never feel good enough because the box we try to sit in is way too small. Time to lose this box now and feel the freedom that is already there.

This is a watercolor painting of Lilith. I love her no nonsense attitude! Here is here message for all those that struggle with fitting in and being afraid to follow the path of authenticity.

“I see your struggles and your self-doubt. Your questions and the feeling you need to oblige to rules that have been set out since the moment that you have been born. You have been born into a system where compliance is necessary and expected. I can see your tired of overthinking and of searching what is the right thing to do for you. But for a moment drop everything you are expected to do and the wishes you are supposed to fulfill.
People will always try to attach obligations to anything that happens, that is the system you were born in and many feel they need rules to stay on track. That is also what you have been made to believe: that you need rules otherwise you will spin out of control. But you will not when you discover what you truly want to do.

When you follow the path of your heart you will see that control is an illusion. Nobody is ever in control, especially not when you follow your inner guidance because you surrender to your soul and your natural state is to flow.
There is a path set out for you to follow. A path that leads you to your own garden that is full of fresh fruit and where everything blossoms. It is this garden that is truly yours and it is the garden that is your end destination. Now the road to that destination is yours to follow and yours to choose. On this road you will see trees pass by that are old and that are sick but you will also find new trees. They are tall, green and have flowers. They are fairies on your path and there is a river where you can sit and admire the fish that swim in it. You can take a break on the bench and smell the jasmine blossom.

How you choose to experience your path is entirely up to you and even when you encounter mud on your road you can choose to play in it or you can choose to see it as if it is preventing you reach your destination and you will feel stuck. Your thoughts will create your experience and because this life is entirely your creation you can manifest the help that you want.

Dare to dream and dare to dream BIG. There is nobody that can tell you how you should walk your path, you are free in your choices even when there is a tree that fell down your path that you don’t know how to get over it. Jump over it, take a swim in the river around it, let your dragon help you fly over it, call in your magical unicorn to make a rainbow so you can cross over that. Or let me burn it, because I love to burn those old illusions. Open up your creative mind when it comes to living your life. See the hundreds or even thousands of creative solutions to your personal problems. They are not problems, my dearest one, they are exciting challenges and you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t think you could overcome them.

The only way for you to truly set yourself free is to see that you are not bound to limitations that are set by others. You have ways around it and your destination will be reached no matter how many hurdles you will encounter. But the choice in how you want to experience life and get to your goal is entirely up to you.

If you choose to see misery and believe the world is against you then this will shape your path. Do you prefer to walk in the darkness or do you want to walk your path in the exquisite light that you are? You get to choose every day how you live. Each day is a day with new opportunities for you to experience life in the way that you want to.
Do not bend and mold yourself so you fit into others perception of who you should be. These times are over now. The time to be yourself in the way that YOU choose has come. See the help that comes on your path when you illuminate it with your inner light. See the help that is from beyond this world and the support that you have to stand your ground in your beliefs.

There are many more others like yourself in this world and the more that you stand in your light the more others will do the same because you are the living example of what it is to live in freedom.
Do not feel as if you are alone. Angels walk amongst you, dragons fly above you, elves hold the energy clear around you. You are surrounded by thousands of beings that have joined you on your path to help you reach your goal. They are helping you with the awakening of the truth of your interdimensional self. Welcome this help and lighten your path so that you will be able to see all the beings clearing what is ready to go and helping you on your way. You are never alone. Be brave and courageous and do not waver from your innate beliefs. You are held and supported through it all.

Keep following your heart and you will know what a true gift your presence on earth is.”

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