Who you are matters

I created an intuitive soul painting for a gentle soul sister. This is a butterfly fairy named Angelica. The painting has a very light frequency with much joy and a strong connection to earth. The codes on it help with activations.❤

This is her message for those that need to hear it:

“Your life and your experiences on earth matter. The person you are today is an important result of the road you have taken to get you to this place. You might have felt like a failure or as someone that doesn’t matter much in this world. Sometimes some of you have felt invisible to others and some have felt as if there was put too much attention on to you. You have lived many emotions which resulted for you to be who you are today. And who you are today is the person who is changing the world step by step. You are discovering your potential. You are expanding your vision and you are developing your talents on a whole different level than you have before. Earth has always been a tough learning school and the process you make here is one of the fastest ones in the whole universe. Right now the process of your emotions, thoughts and even physical discomforts are happening very fast. There are very little breaks in between the next wave of light that enters your consciousness and therefore triggers you physically. Your body can no longer hold on to the painful experiences of the past and the purging occurs from within you. You will feel the pain come up from the past and from many lifetimes ago. You are freeing yourselves from the past that has bound you to live in fear of the future and of your own potential. Your power is great but you have come to fear it as it has been dangerous to listen to your inner voice in the past. You are changing, you are transforming into the new you. The Christ Consciousness is being reborn from within you. The savior once mankind has been waiting for is being awakened within your heart. You are the saviors of this world for you are the true Christ. The feeling of peace is awakening within your cells. You know that the battle you are fighting is the one to end all battles once and for all for only peace and love can do that.
The battle has to end in your minds and you have to return to your own peaceful place of heaven that is to be found on earth as it is within you.

The memory is already awakening and nothing can be stopped from reaching your true home. Your true home is the love you have within your heart. Remember that you are the light and that you are the love that you have been seeking for. Remember that you are the beauty that the world needs to see right now for it is your light that chases away the darkness.
You make flowers blossom, you make plants grow, it’s because of you that the sun rises each morning. You are the piece of the puzzle that earth needs right now to complete her transformation. You are the key players and without you change would not be possible.

Earth is grateful for you, so honor yourself like she honors you. Love yourself like she loves your because you are her connection to the higher realms.You bring in light from all corners of the universe because you are uniting all aspects within your human experience. You are the carriers and activators of the multidimensional light codes that are being grounded into this reality so that the collective of humanity can raise their awareness. You are important and who you are is extraordinary beyond words.”

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