Your mission on earth is to unite on all levels

This is an intuitive painting I made for a soul sister that I am grateful to be able to share with you.

Although I received a message from this being it is really the energy and the light codes that are felt the most. Tune into the frequency of this painting and let yourself receive what you need the most right now. Always set the intention to receive what is for your highest good and open your heart to let in the love.

What do you feel from this painting? Feel free to share your impressions!

Here is her message:

“Now the time has come for you to surrender to the flow of the universal light that is breaking through from within you. You no longer are able to hold the surpressed feelings and thoughts that used to hold you in one place and in a state of fear.
You are breaking barriers from millenia, you are changing the codes from within your cells. Your body is going through immense changes and it is releasing past experiences and the memories of oppression of humanity. Because of the teaching of the past you have always refrained yourself from fully commiting to who you are and what you have always dreamed of. It has come to the point that you do not even know what your dreams are.

You have forgotten your innate truth and the truth of your soul is that you exist of love. You came to experience what love feels like within the sphere of duality and the state of forgetfulness. You came to remember what you are and what you have always been searching for since you have come to earth.

While some of you experience life for the first time on earth most of you have been here many times. But now you have all joined forces to accomplish the goal of helping each other remember again. The memories are awakening within your being and these are being integrated in the human consciousness.

As you start to remember more others are awakening to their truth because you are doing the personal work on yourself. You are part of a collective consciousness that is connected with all creation and so the awakening is happening without any doubts or delays.
Eventhough it seems as if you are going backwards as a human collective it is the opposite of that. You have been raised to think in terms of separation but you are connected to a source that is far more expanded than the human mind can comprehend. All the work that is happening in your individual process is also felt by those that are not awakened yet. At the right time these individuals will awaken to the oneness that is calling them from within. You are activating parts of yourself and the rest of humanity will follow because you have answered your souls call.

You are all intertwined and connected. Soul groups answer each others call and ignite the memories from distances that reach beyond this dimension. Don’t ever assume that you have traveled to this world by yourself. You brought a team with you that will never leave your side and who you will unite with to continue your path here on earth.
Answer each others call and help each other on the way. Your mission is one of union on all levels.”

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