Thor, God of thunder

I love the film Thor and I like the story of this God. I also feel Chris Hemsworth is perfect for the role. I have been feeling Thors presence all day and decided to channel what he has to say to us. Maybe I will make a drawing of him at some point if anyone would be interested in seeing how he turns out. šŸ˜Š

Here is his message:

“There is a fight happening within your world that you are feeling and participating in. You maybe think you are not part of the happenings of the world or that you have no say what happens around you. You might even feel powerless and lacking the tools to fight for your beliefs and for what is right.

But you all have a golden armor and weapons that you carry with you. These are your tools and you can be sure that you have the right to use them. While you are living your lives on earth as simple humans you are all Gods in reality. The size of your energetic selves is bigger than the size of your world. You are here walking around in your small bodies thinking you are puny. Who told you this? Who made you believe these lies? You are all but puny. You are the Gods incarnated upon this world. You are all masters that chose to be in this body so you can call back in your God selves.

All Gods are walking amongst you now. Every myth, every fairytale, every long lost story you have ever heard of is the truth. You will start seeing these truths back in your world. This time the stories will be different because the Gods that you once looked up to and worshipped are the Gods in human flesh. They did not come from the skies to rule over you, they came from the stars to walk amongst you.

You are these Gods and now is the time to stand up for yourself. It is time to accept that you are the Gods that you have once believed in and this time around you get to use all that knoweldge and power for the betterment of your world. Use it because you have it and use it wisely. Those with the purest hearts will free this world from the shadows of the lies that has run through the history of mankind.
No more hiding, no more lying. The light is shining fiercly through your souls and it is seen by all in the worlds beyond.

Use this light as your sword because you are saving the world one by one. You will not be defeated because you are the Gods of this world.”

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