Isis: the union within is your strength

I feel Isis is a powerful presence of the divine feminine. She is an aspect of every woman and also every man.

Let’s remember that we have ALL energies within us as we have Source running through every cell of of our body.

***picture found on pinterest***

❤Divine masculine and divine feminine are ONE💙

A message from Isis:

“Let the force of the divine feminine awaken within your hearts. She has been asleep for a long time and she has been put in the role of the dismissive one so that she could not use the power of creation. Yet the divine feminine within you is now ready to be fully awakened and to be in her strength.

For many millenia the game of duality has been played out amongst you. The push and the pull between the masculine and the feminine has been real. The battle of power and the struggle within has been tearing you apart and leaving you in pain and confusion. You have been fighting against each other and portraying many roles so that you could fully embrace them within yourself in your current lifetime.
You came to earth perfectly aware that you came here to end the power struggle between the masculine and the feminine. The imbalance and the disharmony created many lifetimes ago is ending within this era.
No longer are you going to battle each other to prove your worth, no longer do you need to play the victim or be disempowered by the illusions of the laws that are laid upon you.

You do not need leaders to follow for you are awakening the leader within you. The masculine cannot fully embrace his divinity without his feminine. The feminine cannot be the divine creator without the masculine. This is not a play any longer. The games of duality end NOW.
You are not puppets of the show that is being played out in your world. You are the Gods and Goddesses in divine union within yourself. There is nothing that can stop you from soaring high and rising above the games that are being shown outside of yourself. Observe the show that you see. Observe it with calmness and confidence that the power you are all seeking for is already awakening within you.

The structures that have been active for centuries within your society are falling apart because you are tearing them apart from within. You are merging with your own divine aspects of the masculine and feminine and restoring balance. You are laying down the foundation based on love and mutual respect for each other.
Equality within both energies will cause for you to feel strong and see that you are a part of each other. You were never meant to work on your own. And you have never been on your own yet that is what the illusion of separation has made you believe.

Men and women are equal on all matters. What you see in each other as weaknesses are in fact your strengths. Lift each other up by praising the things that are rejected in your society. Softness, gentleness, kidness, compassion are qualities both men and women have. Praise them, honor them, respect the vulnerability of others and you will see the strength in humanity.

You are not weak, beloved ones. Even if your society treats you like this remember the power that you hold to dismantle that illusion from within yourself. When you destroy this system within yourself the structure on the outside will no longer affect you in anyway. In fact in will crumble down for no system can be sustained when it is not entertained.

You know the truth about who you are. You are strong, you are warriors of the divine feminine and divine masculine. You are in union within yourself and therefore you are indestructible.”

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