The power of the ancestors

Our ancestors a walking this journey of life with us. In so many ways they are present to help us grow, learn, release, understand and remember. Have you connected with the ancient wisdom of your ancestors? Your bloodline has so much ancient knowledge for you to tap into.

This is a painting I created for a dear soul sister with strong roots to the native american essence. Their connection to earth and the soul is so palpable. They want us to remember this connection again.. earth is our home.

Here is the message of this native american ancestor:

“Beloved family, remember that at this time you have not come to be here by yourself. You have brought your family with you in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

Through time and space you have made connections and created bonds that go further than this dimension and reality. These are connections that are unbreakable and that are here to reinforce the ancient knowledge that you posses deep within. You are not alone in discovering and remembering the powerful being that you are. Your ancestors are alive within you and they are here to help you remember the power that you have inherited from them.

It is in human nature to focus on that which is not there and which is lacking. But focus on the wisdom that you carry from your bloodline. The ancients that live through you, the knowledge of the world and the connection to your roots is there and ready to be awakened. You posses the knowledge from the beginning of the creation of earth. All that needs to be known is within your cells and DNA.

The world holds no secrets for you and so now the time has come to return to the knowledge of the ancients. You posses the gift to talk to trees and the birds. You posses the gift to call upon the rain and to let the sun shine at your will. You are part of the elements just like they are part of you. You often think you are powerless to what is happening outside of you yet you have the ability to change any circumstance by calling on this power within yourself. When you do this you are calling upon the power of nature which is in fact your nature too. Reinforce that connection with your land. Call upon its wisdom and ask to work with your surroundings. The roots of the trees run deep beneath the earth you live on. The water is there to foresee that all is nurtured and growing. The sun will provide with the necessary warmth for you to be recharged.

You have all the elements to work with and they are more than willing to provide you with exactly what you need. You exists of all these elements and nature is within your human body. Do not see yourself as separate from the sun and the rain. See that at one point in your incarnations you have worked with the wisdom of these gifts of earth. Remember that you can call upon them for anything that you require and with this you will feel the home that you have been longing for.

Once your connection with earth becomes stronger you will lose the fear of not belonging. You will see you are not separate, that nobody can harm you because your ancestors and the wisdom of your land has always been a part of you. You are a part of earth from the beginning that you were born. You have loved earth from the moment of its creation and this is why you are here. You have to remember your love for creation and humanity again. These memories are to be found within you. Each cell and DNA strand has information that will ground you deeper into the limitless pool of love that you exist of.

Let these words be the truth that you are seeking for. Let it wipe away your doubts and your fears of not belonging here. You are special and it is your love that brought you here. You are Gaia in human form and therefore you posses her power right down to your bones. Remember this and remember who you are.”

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