You are pure light

A higher self painting created for a soul sister. Sharing with much gratitude.

This is a pleiadian energy with many light codes. You can connect with this frequency to receive what you need at this time. Let the memories of home come into your consciousness.

This is the message from this radiant being:

“The transformation that is occurring is coming from within. The memories of your true self are being awakened within your cells so that you can experience life on earth in a whole different way than you have ever before. There will be no struggles to achieve something that is outside of yourself, no more need to prove and perform or seeking validation from others. No more obeying to a law that is has been set out for you to follow.

All that you are seeking for already exists within you. You know the difference between right or wrong because you can feel your inner voice speaking to you and guiding you on where to go and what to do. This inner voice is becoming stronger and louder each day. You no longer need voices from others to tell you how you should be, how you should think or act.
You will notice how uncomfortable it feels when you are trying to do something that goes against the feeling that comes from deep within. You have been digging deep and you are now discovering the treasure that you really have inside. You have opened up the ability to see beyond the human perspective and beyond what your mind tells you.

Become aware when your mind is speaking and when your heart is calling out to you. Become conscious of your thoughts and focus on your heart when you start to feel doubt or insecurities. These are old stories trying to play out again but at this time you have uncovered the wisdom of your soul which can center and ground you into your core beliefs. Your true core beliefs have no fear and have no stories or expectations. They are pure and they will always show you the light that you truly are inside. When you focus on this light you will see a clear path ahead of you to follow. Clear your mind and walk your path in the knowing that you are guided by the light within you.
You come from a pure and loving place where there are endless possibilities for growth and understanding. You can embody this knowing because this is your truth.

You have no fear, you are free from illusions and you can walk your path knowing with certainty that you will reach your destination.
Be confident of the light that you are and know that you come from the stars.”

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