Love is your true purpose

Hey all! Sharing my personal thoughts on this journey of self-discovery… it’s been a challenging road to be where I am now and I am still learning about myself daily. But challenging doesn’t mean it’s not good. It just means I am releasing the old me and turning more and more into the authentic me: the one who has been waiting all along beneath the coat of fears and old beliefs. Goodbye to the old me and hello to the real me!

Here is something shared from my perspective. I hope it helps you on your path:

Self-love and self-worth is an issue that the majority of humanity struggles with. We have all fears and doubts about our abilities and talents. Questioning the reason of our existence and our purpose of being here. What are we really doing here and what is the meaning of this existence? We look outside of ourselves to find the answers but all we see is more doubt and more questions. When we look to the world it all seems chaotic and full with people that are trying to find their own way. Some are successful in their jobs, some are succeeding in their personal lives, some have success in their social lives. For some life seems like an endless series of battles and struggles and they feel lost because they don’t know where to go next. I am very familiar with these struggles and I relate to feeling lost on many levels. But how can we change these feelings about feeling so lost?
I have been on this journey of growth for quite a long time one main thing that I can tell you that has helped me to find stability and security is to show commitment to myself. To show up for myself each day and to trust myself and what I feel. My intuition is my guidance. Trust it completely and commit to doing what is best for myself. This can be something simple as taking an hour completely for myself and doing what makes me feel good. Sometimes it is about saying NO to something that does not feel good to me. Setting boundaries and not giving too much of myself is important because it makes me feel like I matter too. Respecting my emotions and not judging myself for not being able to push myself to do something because I am expected to. Happiness lies within honoring your own needs and listening to what your heart wants to tell you. To follow and trust it without thinking it’s wrong and forcing yourself to do something you don’t feel inside. This is how you will start to see your own value and feel worthy. It is a learning process but it all starts with showing up for yourself and making a commitment to fully dedicate your time and energy in loving yourself with all that you feel. How committed are you to yourself? Which part of you feels like saying NO today and choose to do something that makes you happy?

For a long time I have thought my art is not good enough. That what I create is not perfect and I always find something that I don’t like. Because I don’t feel I am good enough I have always aimed for perfection. But when striving for perfection nothing will be ever good enough as it is. Often times what I see is not what another person sees about myself. Some people will think my art is great while I feel it could be better. These beliefs and thoughts are actually not what I feel deep inside because I experience true joy when I create. My heart is happy because it enjoys the process of it and doesn’t care about the end result. It focuses on the moment and on absorbing the energy of creating and tapping into the flow of limitless creation. My heart does not care about perfection nor does it care what another thinks of it. My heart just IS because it is fully accepting of the moment as it is.

So find for yourself what can bring you into the state of being so present that you are fully tapped into your heart. Because when you find this space within yourself you will find the magic that you have always been wanting to feel. Expand your vision on what this should be for you. Maybe you can find this in the moment when you sing or when you are dancing. Maybe this is when you are reading a book which you are completely absorbed with and takes you into a place where you feel no time and space?
This is how you tap into your own source frequency. Being fully committed to doing what brings you joy is how you are connecting to your truest self and how you will become aware of why you are here.

The question is not about what you should do to make a difference in the world for others. It is not about pleasing another or giving what you feel another needs. The biggest gift that you could give the world right now is to open up yourself to feel passionate about life, YOUR life. Find your happiness and follow the steps that you need to clearly see what lights up your world. The key in changing the world lies within yourself. When you shine bright because you can see how amazingly gifted and talented you are you will inspire others to do the exact same thing!
We are all mirrors and reflections of each other. When you are happy, joyus, in love with the Source within you, you will naturally affect others because you will reflect this back at everyone you encounter and they will awaken to their own innate power.

Self-love is the key ingredient to help shift the vibration of the collective energy of our world. Because it all starts with YOU. It is an individual process yet it is one that we do all together. We are turning on the light within ourselves so that everyone else will be able to turn on theirs as soon as we connect.
Are you ready to make your light shine even bigger and brighter by following what you feel feel within? Your heart is calling out to you. It is time to go deeper and let yourself be awakened by the passion that is waiting to come out!

Remember that you too are gifted and talented in many areas of your life. Explore, expand, dive deeper and discover your passion! When you do this you will see how freaking amazing you are!

This is a painting I made with watercolors and some flower doodles. A new discovery that I enjoy so much!

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