Healing of the divine heart through the union of the feminine and masculine self.

A little update on the current energies. I started writing from my own perspective and it quickly changed as I naturally tuned into the Christ Consciousness energy / awareness to deliver this message.

If you think any kind of demonic, lower frequency, entities or whatever can influence the change that is occurring let me reassure you that this is not the case. Please turn inward to feel the love and reassurance when hearing negativity being spread from anyone or anywhere. We are right on track and there isn’t one thing that can slow down what needs to happen.
This is THE divine plan since the creation of earth, stick with that knowledge and TRUST in the process.

This year has started off with a bang! So many integrations and energetic downloads have been pouring into our body so that we are able to release the old junk from our system. This process is not easy for our physical body as it is sometimes difficult to part with the old beliefs of who we are. Parts that have played such a big role in our lives are being removed layer by layer. We are now coming more into our authentic self that does not hold any attachments to who we should be and that does not want to play a role that it was given to us since birth. We are parting with the identity that we have once been given and we are creating a new way of being.
Old traditions, beliefs, thoughts, way of acting and interacting are being released in different layers of our being. It is being replaced with confidence, security, faith, trust, hope, knowledge, power, a deeper awareness and understanding, acceptance, compassion.. we are being connected to our soul in a much deeper way than ever before.

When we feel the essence of our soul in our body and cells we can feel that the Universe / Source / God is working with us and through us. The feeling of separation is leaving as we are merging with our own essence.
Our body is starting to remember what unconditional love truly is because we are remembering and feeling the oneness of our God self within our human consciousness. With this integration and merging our heart is being awakened so we can be more in our authenticity and so that we can feel the frequency of our own soul. And as this happens our consciousness is shifting into a higher awareness.

We are starting to feel the the connection of the universal love within our body and consciousness. Every cell is being awakened to remember that the God frequency exists within the human body. Our DNA is changing and the light that is pouring in to awaken these memories is undeniable and unstoppable.
If you have any doubts that we are headed the wrong way or that change isn’t happening then you can stop these thoughts right now. Change is occurring on an universal level. This is not only about humanity and earth shifting into a higher frequency but this involves many other planets and many other beings shifting with us into a new existence. To think of this as solely our own personal change in this world is thinking in a limited way.
This change involves many other timelines, civilizations, planets and beings. We are doing this as a collective in many more ways than just this one reality that we exist in.
So don’t underestimate your presence and the work that you are doing here. You are working in many dimensions and layers of existence while you are here physically on this planet.

You are the anchor for all energies that are currently experiencing other ways of existence in a different time and dimension. You are the ground crew. The key players for the change occurring in multi-dimensional layers. All of you are the beacons and the anchors for the energies that are pouring through your body and consciousness. You are gracefully holding the new frequencies within yourself so that this global and planetary change can occur. So don’t think yourself as little or not useful for not being able to do anything significant in a physical way.
You don’t have to take action for you to be actively contributing to the change. You are doing more than you could possibly imagine in many different layers of your existence beyond this dimension.

So relax and know that you are currently working hard on adjusting other energies that are contributing to the massive growth and expansion that is occurring right now.. within you and without. As above, so below.

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