The Era of Christ Consciousness

I just wrote this little something as it came.. enjoy reading. ❤

⭐The Era of Christ Consciousness ⭐

The era of light is here, the era of unconditional love and the truth of our soul is being poured down on earth and into our consciousness.

The truth is that we were born with the seed of Christ within our being. Right from the moment we arrived on earth into our tiny, human self we have already carried that light within our body.
From the moment we have descended from the higher realms we have come with a job that many of us are waking up to right now. Christ has been a part of our consciousness even before we were born. It was just a matter of time before we would awaken to truth of it.

We have received a lot of help from people around to awaken us and trigger us into remembering where we come from. We have been pushed to go inward and to accept our dual nature by so many teachers on earth that came across onto our path. We have looked into the face of darkness and we have seen that this face has been a part of us for many lifetimes and in many experiences. It has even been a part of us for quite some time in this lifetime. Maybe hidden, maybe unaware but unmistakably part of us.
We are releasing the shame, the guilt, the fears of being our true selves. Our true self is the balance of dark and light. Our light can only shine the brightest if we accept the darkest parts of ourselves. When we can embrace and accept the dual nature of our being only then we can accept humanity as a whole. Only then we can experience the human life in its full potential because we will only truly know peace when we accept each other’s differences. We can live in peace when we accept that duality is a part of our nature, that our differences complement each other instead of separating us. We can start to see that our creation was meant for us to work together, not fight each other.
We came here to embrace one another in love and in acceptance and not in denial and anger. We are not here to fight, we are not here to prove to each other that we know better and the other one knows less. We are equal in all matters, we are not separated in our darkness, we are not separated in our light. The amount of power that we posses within ourselves is in balance and is equal to all life.

We came to earth as a whole, as a collective group of beings that are on the same mission. No matter what each person’s personal purpose is one thing that is sure is that we all come from the same place. We come from a place of unity, a place that knows peace and that is naturally navigating towards achieving that. We are now coming into union in the most natural way because our soul is calling out to unite the duality that is still fighting to win a battle that it cannot win. Our soul longs to be returned to our natural state of being, it wants to be in union within and it wants us to know peace and joy. We are merging with parts of ourselves that we have not felt in a very long time. We are becoming whole in the sense that we have not yet known here on earth.

Surrender to the battle that you feel within yourself. Love the broken parts that have been broken since the beginning of mankind. Accept that you are living the life that has moments that do not feel good, moments that that you do not know where you are going. Be at peace with the experiences that make you question your purpose of being here. Accept your humanness and everything that this entails.
Love your human self as part of the divine creation that you chose to be in this life and be aware that this choice was a meaningful one. Your purpose of being here is one of full acceptance of who you are. No more denying of any part of you that you don’t like or do parts of you that you think you did not choose for. All what you are and all that you have experienced in your lifetime is because of you searching for love.

Love is the purpose of why you are here. Love is the reason that you exist. Love is the creation of all life on earth and earth itself. Without this there would not be anything and there would be no experiences.
You are here because you matter and because as a soul you understood that earth would need all the love that it could receive and so you came. You came because you knew your love would change whole of humanity. You knew that you, as a single soul, would be able to plant seeds into people’s hearts and they too would awaken to the  knowingness of their Christ self.

This is what is happening right now on earth. People are awakening to their own Christ Consciousness. People are uniting through the soul frequency of the Christ Consciousness that is emanating from our whole being.
We are uniting on a whole different level than we are able to perceive with our eyes. We are not only merging with our own higher essence but we are merging with each other as a collective.  We are connecting through what we have in common: our pure, divine light. We are aligning together to our own inner Christ and we are uniting. We are becoming stronger as a union and we are a force of light that cannot be stopped.
This light that is activated within us is now activating others so that they in turn can do the same. We are a collective that is growing in the amount of light that we are generating. If you would look through your third eye you would see that the power of this light is so much brighter than the shadows that we see with our eyes.
Focus on that, focus on the good and the love that there is to be found on earth. And there is so much that is so good here. There is so much to be grateful for.

I am grateful for you being here and for you choosing to spread your love on earth. I feel it, I need it because it reminds me that I have a purpose of being here too. I am grateful for this life and I am grateful for what yet is to come.

I love you all, thank you for reading.

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