Surrender to how you feel

This twin flame painting is created for beautiful soul sister that I may share with you. Sharing it with much gratitude.

This is the message that this couple wants to relay:

“True love means to surrender to how you feel deep inside. To no longer fight your emotions and to not doubt your self-worth. It is to fully open your heart to receive and to see yourself for who you really are without the armor to protect yourself from getting hurt. This is an old armor that used to protect you and keep you safe from those that had bad intentions. But that time is over now. The time of grieving, suffering, feeling loss and frustration is now over. You are free to be you and you are free to love hard without being afraid. There is nothing stopping you now from experiencing true love. It is the kind of love that you see in animals, in children, people and in nature. It is the kind of love that is available for all of you to experience and have.
True love means freedom, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or losing someone. You don’t have to worry about anything at all because you know that this love is opened like a rose within your heart.

This rose is your heart and it exists of unconditional love. It is nothing short of perfection. It is freely to give, it has no limitations because it has no expectations. Tap into this well of abundance and share it with as many people as you can. Don’t hold back, don’t hold in because fear is stopping you and convincing you it is not safe to give or receive. For it is when you give from the heart that your source of abundance opens even more. In this place there are no attachments and there is a natural protection over you. No harm or pain can get through you if you stay connected to your own inner rose.

Give and receive abundantly knowing that you have a well of unconditional love in your heart.”

The song is from Mei-Lan Maurits named: Calling in divine presence.

You can find her YouTube channel here:

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