The return to innocence

The energy of the ancestors has been coming up for a while now. Their wisdom, their knowledge, their strength but also their intuitive powers and magic abilities are still very much present in our world.

We may have forgotten about them but they haven’t forgotten about us. They want to be acknowledged and recognized as still being alive in our energy and being part of our essence. When we came to earth we chose our family and therefore we have chosen our ancestors too. We have chosen to break and heal patterns given to us by our bloodline but we have also chosen to work with their wisdom and we can use their experience for our highest good.

We ALL have our ancestors wisdom within us, that part of us will never die. We will continue to pass it down to our children and grandchildren and we will become the ancestors ourselves. We chose long before we came here that we too will become our wise and ancient self by becoming aware of all the power we carry within us. It is now the time to awaken that powerful ancestral essence that you have inherited from your grandmothers and grandfathers. They are here and they are waiting to be invited into your life to work with you in unlocking and freeing your wisdom.

Pachamama is the embodiment of the wisdom of the grandmonther that carries the healing medicine of Gaia within her.
She is a grounding force that brings healing and can re-connect us back to our true nature which is pure and strong.
She might look old and she might be small but there her strength and love is one that is truly unbreakable.

If you listen to her carefully you can hear her soft voice speaking and see her healing your wounds with the medicine of nature. I have seen her use plants and flowers to heal. I also hear her speak in a native language but what she says will go straight to the heart: no words needed.

 Have you connected with her yet? Share your thoughts/ impressions in what you feel from this painting! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Here is her message for you all:

“Dear children of the earth,

This is your home, this is the place where you belong and where you are loved. This is the place where you are nurtured and where you can grow together with the nature around you. Everything you see belongs to you for when you were born mother earth welcomed you in a warm embrace.
Your birth was planned, your presence was awaited and you were expected to come for a long time. The birds sang when you arrived and the love was poured into your heart because the mother that is inherently present as Gaia has always been with you.

As a child you have known this and you have felt this. As a child you remembered what it was to be free and to be part of something that is forever present within your heart and within your soul. Seperation does not exist for each cell of your being breaths the divine essence of mother earth. You are forever held in her womb where you are always safe and in complete comfort. Return to this feeling of peace and knowing that you are not lost, that you are not far away from home and that the mother love is the medicine that you need to soothe your heart.
All your aches, your desires, your fears and thoughts will dissapear with the touch of the divine love of the divine mother essence.

I am pachamama and I am here holding the medicine for you so that you can return back to where you remember how loved you are where you understand the reason that you are here. You no longer need to worry or search for solutions to fix problems that you cannot change. You are allowed to fully release all of your thoughts and remember that the true reason you are here is because you came to love and to receive love. You did not only come to give or to accomplish, you came here to remember that love is all around you. Just look outside and see the beauty of earth.

All humans, all animals, all plants, all that is alive is part of the divine mother creation that is also a part of you. Remember yourself as part of this earth in a much deeper sense than you just being in a physical body. You are a co-creator that is part of a magical creation of this existence.

Your senses are hightened now, your awaraness is bigger, your personality is stronger. You are growing immensly and for this I am proud of you.
The return to innocence is happening and soon you will be sharing your medicine with the world for in each and one of you there is a pachamama. Wise, grounding, strong, healing, loving, understanding, compassionate but also joyful and connected to the roots of the earth.

Connect yourself deeper with this knowledge and let your roots become stronger and bigger in the knowing that you belong here and you have always been free.

I am pachamama and I love you.”

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