Your star essence matters on earth

It has been a while but here is a higher self painting for a beautiful soul. This painting has many different elements to it and it shows things from different timelines and aspects but yet they are very much connected and intertwined.

Our past and future selves are working with us in a harmonious way to make sure that we can regain balance in this lifetime from all the experiences we have had a human being and also from other dimension. Our karma is being cleared and we are shifting timelines from the past and future into one where we know peace and live in harmony. The time of this phase of experiencing seperation is coming to an end. We all came here to witness this happening and to participate in this shift of the collective consciousness.

This is the message from this Goddess / light being / star energy:

“Each being on this planet is being filled with the light codes that come from up above. Many planets are contributing to the change on earth right now and their own specific energy is influencing the frequency and even the experiences on earth. Those of you who are sensitive to energy will notice how there is a significant shift happening from within at this time and how it is affecting everyone in many different ways. You are a race with a variety of colorful energies and you walk your path as individuals yet you are here together as a whole.

There has been a time where other planets have gone through the same shift in awareness as you are going through right now. These other beings are here with you now to help you remind you that this great shift on earth is not your first. You have come from many different planets that have gone through the same evolution and here you are again to help humanity grow and move beyond their limitations. You are souls gathered from all over the universe and you chose to be here to help create a new world by bringing your star essence through your physical experience as a human being.

Each of you hold light codes in your body and in your soul that you chose to share with everyone on earth at this time. You are making connections with those that are awakening to the same star essence that you have within you. Your presence is needed here and this is what will help others to become aware of their origin. Nobody that is here on earth is a new soul that does not know what it is doing here. You are all souls that are experienced in your own way and this knowledge is to be shared with each other through understanding and acceptance of your own unique and individual self.
Some of you may be teachers of compassion, others may be teachers of new technology. There are many of you that are awakening to this new information about yourself and with each wave a new mass will awaken.

I encourage you to follow your passions and your inner guidance to remember how your soul already knows how to build new communities and create new homes that include all people.

One thing that you all have in common is your love for humanity and your exceptional amount of understanding to what is happening in the world right now. You all know the truth because this seed has been planted before you incarnated here. You were born with the knowing of everything that is happening right now.

There are no secrets, you have access to all the information that you want and need from within you.
Make new connections with others and make sure to include people into your circle because everyone that comes to you is divinely guided.

In these times learn how to trust and surrender to the flow of what life is bringing you.
There is more to come, much more and you are ready for it.”

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