You are here to be a leader

The Goddess Oshun is ready and she is here with her message. When tuning into her I saw a lot of gold and she has a lion with her. She is all about empowerment and divine beauty.
Tune into her energy in this painting and feel her love in your heart. It’s there.. ready for you to receive.

Her image will be up for sale this week. Are you interested? You can message me or leave a comment!

Oshun: “You have a lion within you. This lion does not follow the crowd and does not agree with others just to be part of a pack. The lion can stand alone and fight his battles when necessary yet it has a gentleness and understanding in his heart. You have this lion within you and you are wearing the crown because you are on top of the world.
Even if you have the feeling of wanting to belong and being part of a group you can stand alone because you carry the courage and confidence of this lion in you. Often times you see yourself as helpless for everything that is happening around you. You see people that have no choices or opportunities for a better life. But you are here to observe while the change is already happening. You do not need to worry or to fear that things are out of control. You don’t have to feel helpless or be in despair beacause there are things you cannot change.
Just like the lion your presence is regal and all you have to do is BE. People around you will recognize your power without you needing to do or say anything. It is all about your presence and all about how YOU feel about yourself.

So now see yourself as a powerful leader shining with each moment in whatever situation you find yourself in. You do not have to prove yourself or measure your strength with others because you already know what you stand for.

I am here to remind you of your beautifully powerful essence. It is beeming out of you in rays of light as strong as the sun. Your essence is just as mighty as the sun itself.
Believe in it and you will become it, because this is what you were born to do. It is your birth right to be on the throne and you are not alone in this. You are ALL born to be kings and queens. You are standing together and yet you are powerful in your own presence.

So believe in this power knowing that you are here together to be the leaders of this world. No one is less, no one is smaller: you are all equal to each other and together you can and you WILL change the world.”

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