Celebrate your failures as much as you love your success

**A message from beyond: cheers to your failures!**

I have been talking to my twin flame in spirit and connecting to his loving energy and his wisdom. He is helping to change my thoughts about myself and to shift my perspective in the parts of myself that I have not yet fully accepted as part of my wholeness. Some parts of myself have been rejected and denied for a long time because I didn’t like them and they don’t fit into the norm.

Oh how I have tried to fit in to create a sense of belonging and acceptance from others. Pushing away so many parts of myself that it has given me anxiety and stress. At some point I did not know who I was anymore, what I liked, who I liked and what made me happy.
It has been a journey of confrontation and it has not always been a fun trip to be where I am now.
Yesterday my twin flame in spirit shared his wisdom and perspective on what many of us feel like are failures or were mistakes we made in our life.
When we consider them to be negative experiences we are rejecting parts of ourselves that made these ‘mistakes’ and we label them as failures in our life.

Carrying these heavy emotions weigh us down and dim our light because we do not accept our darkness. Without the acceptance of our darkness we can’t shine as we are meant to.

Here is my twin flame in spirit sharing this message with you all:

“In life you will experience all kinds of situations. Some may vary from bad to extremely bad, emberassing, humiliating, sad, wrong and so on. Human life in it’s wholeness is a very colorful experience and has all kinds of shades to it.
People are encouraged to focus on the good parts of life, to celebrate all the bright and light in life. To focus on the wins and to really go for what makes you better and what makes you shine in your life. But what people have forgotten are the parts in life where they went through darkness. The pain that they have endured and the mistakes that they have made. These are things that are not celebrated, these parts of life are considered to be hard, difficult and negative. People are encouraged to move on and see beyond the bad experiences.
There is always sunshine after rain. There is always something good ahead and to turn your vision on to that and remember that life is all about the good.
Clearly and for obvious reasons this is the truth, but it is not the absolute truth. Because it is in the darkest experiences of life that you can find growth, wisdom, authenticity and the pureness and rawness of emotions that you have never felt before. The darkness in life offers you the ability to gain clarity, a shift in your perspective, understanding, compassion, acceptance, love, and the awaraness of who you are beneath your pain. It is a stage in life that is necessary for people to gain the true meaning of life without filters.

So why not celebrate your darkness as you celebrate your light? Why not see your failures as your part of your wins? Why not bring them together so that you can see that you should celebrate ALL of your experiences which include those that are considered to be negative? The universe does not see your experiences as bad or wrong. It does not see a difference in good or bad, it sees it everything you have experienced so far as equal with the main reason being LOVE. Everything that has brought you to this point in life has been a wholesome experience.
Do not deny parts of yourself from the past because others have done something onto you that you cannot forgive. Do not think something was done unto you to punish you because you are not good enough. Do not for one second believe that you are defined by the painful experiences in life that it makes you less than whole. Instead look at yourself as being complete and being love embodied with ALL that you have gone through. Celebrate the moments that you went through and see that for a moment in time being in darkness has given you the gift of being YOU in the present moment.

Your growth, your vision, your awareness, your love is shaped by all that you have gone through so embrace your own darkness and your own light in equality as they are both love from a different point of view. Bring them into balance and see them as equals because they are not seperate.

Everything that happens in life is to help you see your own wholeness, your inner harmony and peace. Celebrate the good moments but celebrate your failures too. Love them equally as part of yourself. This way no part of you will ever be rejected or will ever feel alone.
The universe loves you equally: whether you love or whether you hate. Whether you fight or whether you save. The universe accepts and loves ALL of you all the time and does not seperate or puts labels on you. YOU are the universe incarnated and so you can love yourself exactly like the universe can.

Next time you fail or make a mistake: raise your glass, make a toast and say: “today I f*cked up but I am damn proud at myself!”

Because when you have mastered to love your failures, you have mastered the gift of loving yourself.

Today I raise my glass to all of you. I see you your success and I see your failures and I am damn proud of you for all of it. Cheers to you, my friends!”

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