Imagination is your creation

In our world today where the sky is gray and life seems dull we have forgotten the most important part of ourselves: our fantasy. Our imagination gives us access to to everything that is unlimited.
We find our hopes and dreams in a world far beyond this earthy existence. So why have we forgotten to use our imagination as a tool to create the life that we dream of so much? It has actually come to a point where we have forgotten how important it is to have dreams.
Have you recently thought about what your dreams are? Or have you pushed the dreams away thinking they don’t matter and are not part of your reality? Have you used your imagination as a tool for creation? Do you dare to open that fantasy box that lives in your mind and is ready to be explored?

The truth of the matter is that once you open up your fantasy you will be able to create immense change here on earth. You will gain access to such creative abilities that you will never have to second guess your decisions and the steps that you need to take in your life because you will know that nothing is impossible. And that the truth of this 3d reality bends to your creative beliefs. Creation has no shape, it is fluid and it is flowing. It will forever adjust itself to suit your wants and needs. It is ever-changing and therefore you can never lose anything.

Your true power exists in your creative mind and many people have forgotten to use this powerful tool. Because your mind is not only there to use for practical matters but it is a doorway to another existence: a consciousness that is so universally intelligent that you will realize how immensely powerful you are when you open this part of yourself.

Daydreaming, fantasizing, visualizing, meditating is the way for every human being to connect to their universal self. The part of yourself that holds that ultimate truth of who you are is accessible through your imagination.

Don’t be afraid to see and to use the vivid colors and creations living in inside of you. Don’t run away from the parts of yourself that are wanting you to see them for who they really are. Step into your imagination as if you are stepping into your own kingdom.
This is where your truth awaits, this is where all creation exists and this is where you truly come from and have always belonged to.

Don’t be afraid to dream, don’t hold yourself back to have the most crazy and wild fantasies that are roaming around in your mind. Dare to be like a child again and see the world in the colors that are so bright that all the gray dissapears.

YOU hold the key to creation because everything you have ever wished and dreamed of already exists in your mind.
Now you just need to open the door and BE the existence that you have always dreamed of. Unite both worlds to create new life on earth.
You ARE magic and therefore you need magic to be a part of your life.

Open the door, open it now and let the magic flow into your life as if you have never known it to be otherwise.

**the imagine is found on google and is not mine*

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