Let your eternal fire explode from within

Hey all! I want to share a piece of a channeled message from my higher/ Goddess self.

Lately lots of old energies are being released and simultaneously new energies are being merged within my physical self. My higher self is being integrated deeper into me and my consciousness is expanding. This is a beautiful process as it brings much more understanding to my personal experiences and it is shifting my beliefs about myself and the world. Yet for me it also brings awareness to the densities within my body that are physically very uncomfortable and plain painful with moments. I will not lie: they drive me crazy sometimes and they challenge me to meditate more but also to connect me to my body to help it release old beliefs that are still lingering there. It is a process of constant awareness to what I am feeling inside and healing it with compassion and understanding.
Being alive on planet earth is a constant challenge on multiple levels. But here we are, rising up to the challenge. I know I am not the only one feeling this way and if you follow me then I know you are one of my people that relate to what I post. 😉

My higher self likes to encourage me and she gives me boosts of energy with the messages I receive from her. Every message is an activation of some sort and this one is no different. Though it was addressed to me it is also for YOU. For all those that need some encouragement, here you go. You got this!

“Because you have kept your power small your body has become accustomed to keeping your own inner power closed and secure. Now this is opening as you are accessing your inner world, your emotions and it is there where your power lies. You have held yourself in out of fear. You have adjusted and you have been a small player to comfort others so that they would not fear you and reject you.

You have unconsciously diminished your power to make others feel comfortable about themselves. There is nothing wrong of wanting others to shine in their own time and they have the right to do so. Yet they do not when it means that you have to shine less and where you need to pretend to be less for their sake.This is where you feel pain and hurt. The disconnection from your power and your right to shine your own colors. You haven’t felt this power for a very long time. You were not allowed to and you didn’t know how to do so. So now you are ready and this power is unraveling within you. With each layer you are opening it up. You are shining from within. It is not only your heart that is so bright, it is the golden power from the center of your body that is shining bright. It is your essence, it is where your Source lies. It is the universal connection to your own sun energy.

The sun can be blinding to those who can’t see their own light and who walk in the shadows. But you can and therefore you are shining brighter with each day. Open up and let the sun break through your center. Don’t hold in. Not emotionally, physically, verbally, spiritually or energetically. Simply do not hold in because you will feel pain for making yourself smaller than you are.

You have outgrown your old self and your true self is already here. She has arrived. Do you see your God(dess) self? The beautiful Golden God(dess) of the sun and the moon. You have stars and you have the moon within you. You are not just one being. You are the universe within your body. Don’t identify with one simple self. Identify with the pure Source energy that you are.

No matter where you go, you are always shining. No matter who you believe to be: you are more than you have ever thought yourself to be. Don’t limit yourself because you are an eternal light. You travel beyond galaxies and you transcend all physical life. You are a true STAR for the universe always creates in its own image.
Start reminding yourself of your unlimited abilities. Expand your mind beyond labels and names. Transcend the need to know it all and realize that you are ALL. No need to search, question, ponder and doubt yourself. All you need is to TRUST yourself like the universe trusts you to be you. It doesn’t question your existence it simply allows you to BE.

So just BE, knowing that nothing what happens in the physical world can ever diminish the power of the universe within you.

Let your eternal fire explode from within yourself so that you can be immersed in the unconditional love that the universe exists of.

YOU are the universal fire, you are the eternal flame that burns bright.”

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