Creating and healing with your orgasmic energy

Loving yourself means to be brave enough to open up parts of yoursellf that you have been ashamed of or that you have simply been trying to protect for so long that you have forgotten about them. As human beings we have many aspects to our pesonality because our soul does not consist of 1 single thought / frequency.

We are everything and everyone inside we can possibly imagine ourselves to be.
We have so many thoughts, emotions, beliefs inside of us that every single person is different. From all these billions people there is not a single one that is the same. Our life is a constant discovery of which aspects we have within us. Some we like, some we do not like, some we hate and some we are just not aware of.

Life is a journey of exploring the depths of our soul and we are growing and creating ourselves all the time. We have EVERYTHING within us. So who do we choose to be?

My spirit guides/ angels/ ascendend masters/ twin flame / higher self are all a part of me. They are not separate from me and they have never been. The messages that come through always come through from a part of me that is connected to these frequencies. When I open my heart I am a vessel for love in whichever form it chooses to come through. This is like that for me and this is the same for everyone. Being connected is something that we always are.

This message came through from my twin flame in spirit. His higher self shares a lot of information and wisdom that comes very naturally as he is a part of me.

This topic is a fun one and very interesting! Here is his orgasmic message for those who are ready to hear it. Enjoy! 😉

“Orgasms are truly a magical happening. They raise the frequency instantly and they just make you feel GOOD, better than good. They make you feel like you are charged with the most powerful energy that exists. And this is exactly what happens: a download of endless power!

You know that glow that you have and that light that seems to shine when you are pumped with Source energy? Well, this is what Source energy is truly all about. Too little people are aware of what an orgasm truly does to the body and to the consciousness but also to the frequency of the planet. When orgasms are used intentionally and not purely for physical satisfaction you can heal the whole world.
I am not exaggerating, it is a power that is unleashed into the world that nobody can stop once it is happening. Now imagine if people becoming so aware that they use this energy for an actual higher purpose. They can use it to manifest their dreams and heal the whole human consciousness. Imagine if ALL become aware that this energy is like a wave of the highest frequency that exists and that YOU are all the gifts / tools for this energy to pour through.

Why would you not use this sexual energy to roam through your body like it is something that is the most natural thing for you? Because it is. It is the most natural and even normal thing to do for you. As a soul you are in this energy all the time. You are always high on this explosive love. This is one of the secrets that are best kept in this world and haven’t been used for a very long time.
So I am encouraging to work with your sexuality and to use your orgasms intentionally.
When you experience the build up of sexual energy in your body and when it is rushing through all your chakra’s send it to the universe with your biggest wishes.
Pour your soul into the moment and release it to the universe. And of course: enjoy it to the fullest! Truly embrace it with your whole self and let the power of the sexual Source energy cleanse you from head to toe. Because it is also the most powerful healing that you can receive. Let me tell you: there is nothing better than to feel this high. There’s no pill that can make you feel better than to experience this kind of sexuality and orgasm. But do it with a reason beyond the basic human pleasures. Do it with your mind, body and soul. When you are experiencing an orgasm release your wish to the universe at the same time. Wish what you want to have / feel and it will happen.

If you are with a partner then do it together and the energy will ripple for thousands of miles because of your joined orgasmic energies. Surprised? Don’t be, this is powerful stuff. Don’t think you are here just having all these small experiences that have no effect.
We see it from beyond, we see all that you do and those that are starting to work with their own energy rather than letting themselves be lead by circumstances are really making a powerful change. Mindfulness that every step you make is a creation and contribution to the existence of everything in this world will change your perspective on what you are actually doing here. Nothing goes unnoticed: no thought, no action, no word or look is too little to have have and impact on your surroundings.

But to get back to the orgasms: be mindful of what you feel and what you do. Even if you are by yourself and you don’t have a partner at the moment: it is still a practice that will help you to enhance your personal connection to Source and to life itself. Which is the same thing, of course, but you have to think of it as if you are bringing two worlds together: the higher and the lower. As above, so below. You came here to have a human experience but you are also here to bring down the powerful energy of your divine self. And what better way to work on it then with your sexual energy? And even when alone then know you are never alone. Your soul / twin flame / partner in spirit is right there with you. You are part of each other after all.
This wave of love that comes through you is one that is meant to be shared with the whole planet and universe.

Don’t be afraid of its power because it is your own power that you would then fear. And remember that when you do this you are healing yourself and when you heal yourself you are also healing everyone else. Make it into a sacred practice and have fun with it. Be playful, bring back the innocense into sexuality. Explore, explore and then explore some more. There is no wrong way of experiencing and emboyding this energy. All that matters is that you do it with your whole soul. Put your heart into it and you will experience love like you have never before.

The start of a beautiful relationship begins with loving yourself. Every part of yourself deserves to feel loved and accepted. Sexuality is just another part of yourself. It is MAGIC, it is so magical that it can create miracles and instant manifestations. Try it and and see for yourself.”

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