The wisdom of an Elf

This is a channeled message for those that need to hear it from this Elf.

I have made several sketches now so there are more elves to come!

What you see in him is a reflection of yourself.
What do you see when you look at him?

I see so much peace, love and wisdom. To me his energy is so calming and serene. 🥰

Enjoy his message:

“You are here to live life at its full potential. You came to experience richness and fullness like you have never before. There is nothing that is stopping you from reaching your goals: what you dream of can become your reality.

You are not disconnected from the source of life, you cannot be. In fact: you are connected all the time in multiple layers and dimensions throughout existence. And this is what makes your soul so rich. It is so vibrant with knowledge and experience that it knows no limits to what it can truly reach. Your potential has no limits.

I would like for everyone to know that there is nothing that is stopping you from living your life the way you dream it to be. All you really need to do is to dream it and then it will become.

There is magic within you that is yet to be discovered and used so you can live in happiness. The realm of the elves and the elemental worlds is with you to help you use the knowledge you already posses. You don’t need to search for it: you just need to become aware of it.

What you see in me is a reflection of who you are. I am here for you to help you awaken your true potential. You can be a writer, a dancer, a singer, an artist, a scientist, a mathematician.. you can be whoever you want to be because in your soul you know it all.

Start using this magic because it is in your cells. It is in your whole being and the sooner you start doing what makes you happy the sooner you will discover your magic.

Today remember what you enjoy and what makes you filled with joy. Forget the musts and the needs and remind yourself of the little things that spark your day. This is the the key to your own magical abilities and the way to manifest your dreams.

Do what you love and you will fall in love with life itself.”

Offer for your personal Elven sketch: €100.

Curious to see which Elf shows up for you? You can order your personal Elven sketch!

Contact me if you are interested and I will let you know all the details.

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