Magic is energy in motion

Hi guys! Here is my next sketch. Fire, strength, power, confidence, freedom, grace, kindness, heart, passion, fierceness are just of a few words that I feel from him.

What do you see when you look at him? Which feelings / thoughts do you get?

His name is a frequency and difficult to put into human words. I feel like Gaelin is a good name for him.

This elf is a warrior. He is the kind of warrior that acts with the kindness of the heart and doesn’t whimper when being faced with darkness that moves through others.
He sees the shadows, he knows which energies work through others and he can tell the difference between true acts of grace or lies and deception.
He knows the motivations of people and has the ability to see through it.
He can teach people how to gain self-confidence and not let insecurities take over their actions and settle into their hearts. He teaches what it is like to be powerful and how to cut through the impurities of the mind. He will help you to find balance between the heart and the mind.
If you lose your way: he is the one that will put you back on your path.
He is gentle and kind, yet he is truthful and will tell you the hard truth if this is what you need to hear.

Do you feel like you need power and confidence that comes from the heart? Then he is the elf to help you with this. You can ask him to be your guide and he will gladly be so.

Remember that elves have the ability to naturally and magically connect to the core essence of the soul. They see your potential and they see your worth.
Elves are eager to work with people that want to re-connect to their true nature as they excel at this themselves.
They see connections that we do not and they can read energies and frequencies that we are not even aware of. Their magic runs through their veins and is connected to every being that finds themselves within their realm. They want to extend this connection to the human realm and help us remember our connection with them. They want to restore it and bring balance again to what once was. They are a part of us and they want us to remember this again. We are ALL one. The elves and humanity are not seperate.
They want to gift us with their knowledge and they are opening the doors for us to come through.

I asked him what he wants to share with us all and here is what he has to say. It started of with a message to myself.

“Much gratitude for bringing me forward to speak. Your work and effort in connecting to our realm is much appreciated and necessary at this time. We see you, we see all of you. Though you might feel as we are hidden and we have always been this is not true. Our realms are not seperated in energy and it runs even through different dimensions. We see energy being fluid and traveling exactly where it is called to travel. So when you wish to speak with us, we hear you and we will try our best to communicate with you.

You have the gift of art which you share with the world. It is a brave thing to do in the time where speaking up is difficult and may be frowned upon and sometimes worse. I commend you for being brave for this is true bravery from the heart. Others will follow your bravery as you are a perfect example of what it is to like to be fearless despite your mind getting in the way.

We see the distortions and the disbelief when it comes to magical abilities. You call it magic, yet it is a natural part of existence and creation. Magic is not something that is created or that is something to be attained. Magic is simply energy in motion. And you are all energy, therefore you are all magic.
Your beliefs about yourself are creations of your mind. To bring balance into your energy so that you can live from your heart you must start to change your perception of who you are. You are not a simple being that requires simple actions. You are beings of great potential that are here to change the course of your world. You are the ones that are opening the doors and the portals to realms that have been closed for thousands of years.

Have you been noticing the surges of energy in your body and in your world? Many of you are skilled healers and magicians with the ability to awaken the energies within certain places and also within others. YOU are opening up portals of light and gateways to other dimensions. This is what you came to do and our realm is no different.

Many of you who are this now come from our realm. You have lived amongst us and you are one of us. I know that you will feel the truth of this when reading and I am calling out to you to start using your potential consciously. Realize that every action that you do matters and that what you feel is within because of your connection to our dimension.
We are here to help you, you are not alone even if you feel like you are. Where we come from we all feel as one, we live through the connection where we are joined in our awareness of each other. You have this ability too in the dimension you are in. Use it, use it consciously to connect with us and we will help you to become aware of the importance of you being here right now. There is a purpose for you to be here and our connection will expand if this is what you wish to happen.

Remember that we hear you, we see you, we feel you. All you have to do is to think of us and we are there. I am there for you all, my brothers and sisters. We are together in this, not ever have you been alone.

Thank you for allowing me to speak and thank you for listening.”

Would you like a personal sketch of an Elf that is ready to work with you and connect with you? I can tune into your own Elven aspect or a guide who wants to come through for you.

The price for a sketch is €100. Contact me if you are interested.

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