Healing with your own essence

I have enjoyed drawing this elf! I have felt her energy in every cell of my being and she came with a powerful activation. So much love from her.

She has the knowledge of a high priestess but is a queen in her kingdom. She is the kind of leader that walks amongst others without placing herself higher than anyone knowing that everyone is equally as valuable and important.
She rules with a kind heart, sympathy and understanding. She understands that for everything to be in harmony there has to be balance. She watches over others and is the one to go to when things are not flowing as they should.
She is a healer, a seer, a magician and works with all the elements to bring harmony in things that imbalanced. She works with the magic and medicine of nature.
She is very approachable even if her energy is so big and her presence takes up the whole room.
She is tall, she is regal and in her aura her power is palpable. She is respectful and others cannot help but to respect her too when being in her presence.
She awakens the Goddess energy in others and helps to work with the energy of creation.
She also helps to restore and heal that which seems to be broken and malfunctioning.

She is here to offer healing to broken hearts, shattered dreams and those that are having a hard time dealing with the issues of life whether they are emotional, mental, physical or spiritual.
She has a motherly and supportive energy but at the same time she is the powerful embodiment of the divine feminine.

What do you feel from her when looking at her image? What you feel / see / hear is exactly what you need to know.

The offer for your own elven sketch is still up: €100.
Want to see your own Elven aspect or a spirit guide / twin flame?
Contact me through email for your sketch!
It will be sent via email, in approximately 14 days. Payment via PayPal.


Here is what she has to say:

“When things get hard close your eyes and feel the I AM presence within you. It is the essence of creation flowing through you. It never stops flowing or seizes to exist. You are a channel of divine love that has chosen to be on earth right now. There is no coincidence in the way you are or who you are. Creation does not make mistakes: you are never able to lose the flow.

When you feel overwhelmed with all that you have to carry and when you can’t seem to find your balance: stand still for a moment and feel the connection of creation running through your body. Like a river it runs through your blood. Feel the wind caress your cheek and the sun warm your face. Feel the grass tickle your feet. This is your connection: all around you and all within you.

Your medicine to healing yourself is believing in the power of your connection to your divine self. Believe in it so strongly you will be able to transform any pain into love. Nature is here to help you and offer you all that you need. Work with her medicine and see how you are made of mother earth’s pureness. All the elements are a part of you. Call on them and feel them working with you. All has a consciousness and all has the ability heal you and the whole planet.

Work with your own essence and with the elements of earth, bring them together so once again you can feel whole.
Balance is being restored and you are healing the earth by uniting parts of yourself that have been in separation.
You are whole and you are pure.

Be well, my beloved ones. You are seen, loved and valued.”

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