Your warrior spirit

Hi all! Here comes the next sketch and this elf has such a kick ass presence.
I see her standing outside during the night with a starry sky. She is dressed in black and has her dragon with her, also black. She is very tall, she is stunning and she can be lethal if she needs to be. She is so wise because she has seen and experienced a lot in her existence. She has played the part she needed by being in darkness. Today she is her pure and divine self: light and dark in perfect harmony.

I was wondering when the dark elves would make themselves known. Without light there is no darkness and vice versa.
The elfen realm has a rich history and they too have had a war amongst themselves. They have been divided: dark and light elves were created because of it. This was a very long time ago, yet this is a memory we all carry within ourselves because we are part of creation and part of Gaia. Especially if you have had lives in their realm you will subconsciously remember it.

All is in balance now with the elves and harmony is restored. The elf that has come through at this time wants to share her energy and wisdom. She is a powerful warrior that has lived through the time of war and division. Though she has gone through her share of pain and loss she is still all light.

What do you feel from her? Remember that what you see in this sketch is a reflection of yourself. Her energy unlocks doors that bring in more light. Are you ready? 😉

I am not getting a specific name for her. She told me those that resonate with her will feel her name in their heart. If you are pulled to her then no doubt it’s because you already know her.

Want an elven sketch of your own? I can tune into your Elven aspect or guides and bring them forward through a sketch.
Curious to see who shows up for you? Message me for your order! A sketch is €100.

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“Greetings to all who are attracted to the light of our world. We are calling out to our brothers and sisters. To those that are ready to shift their mind and to those that are ready to play a different game than what the world is used to. You are the lightbringers, the ones that will change the fate of humanity. You volunteered to come here and be of service to those that are ready to awaken to the brightness of their own light. Even when being in darkness your light never fades. I can see your light even in the depth of the ocean and in the pits of darkness. To me you are bright whether you see it or not.

There is a misconception about darkness being evil and being bad. Being in darkness does not make you less bright. It does not make you less or worse than another. Many of you believe that you are still in some place or space of shadows. Yet this is because you do not yet see your own brilliance. Once you do you will realize that darkness is only in your perception and that it is your free will to believe what you want. Everyone has the choice to believe what they choose to and to live by their chosen perceptions. But the illusion of your world being dark will fade once you see that you are the light that you seek to find outside. Once you see the light in yourself you will see the light in others. When this happens the vibration will change and humanity and earth will start to experience peace. No more wars, no more hurting of others, no more division amongst each other.
You came with peace and balance within your heart, the memory of your soul is embedded within your cells. It is time to awaken the knowledge you have learned from millions of years of experiences that you have had a soul. You know it all, all that I am telling you now is nothing new.

Believe in the change you can bring simply by your presence and the energy you emanate from you.

You are me and I am you. And I am telling you that you can do whatever you want to do. You are not less than me and you sure are not weaker than I am. There is a warrior in you, you just have to remember it again. I am here to remind you of your warrior spirit. Use it to fight through your illusions and remind yourself of who you are. See yourself as I see you. See yourself as you see me and you will see the truth.

Stay strong, my brothers and sisters, your warrior spirit will be needed in the future for others that are awakening to their power. They will need you to believe in who you are. Don’t let others diminish your belief in your magical nature. Be brave and be strong through every challenge. You were born to do this.

Much love, gratitude and respect for each and one of you. Until we meet again.”

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