True friends as your family

I have created this sketch for a beautiful soul that is also here to be shared publicly. Much gratitude for this as we all can use the message and loving of hope.

This elf came through with a lot of support, friendship, companionship, understanding, grounding energy and is there to show that friends can be the family that you need.
He is reliable, trustworthy, loyal, honest, lighthearted but serious when needed, he gives others space and knows how to respect boundaries and set them himself. He is a very earthy energy and is very kind. He has a soft and gentle heart and he wants to show that it is safe to open up and trust others.
He is a warrior that will defend and protect. He won’t stand back and will stand up for the ones that he loves.

Here is his message:

“Having trust and opening up to others is not easy when betrayal is a common thing in the world. Most of you have suffered one way or another of being betrayed by those that you have loved and trusted. When this happens it leaves scars and opening yourself to a new friendship is not always easy. But you can start trusting your intuition and your senses when it comes to letting new people into your life. You can leave the past where it is and look forward to what is ahead of you.
The friends that will be coming into your life are not just any people. They will be people that you know in your soul. Many of you are aligning now with your soul mates. You are hearing the call and the universe is bringing you together.
Trust this call, allow these people to enter your life so you can walk together. Things will get so much lighter for you when you have true friends by your side. Someone to hold your hand when you are afraid to walk further, to encourage and to remind you that you are not alone.
Be ready to reach out to your new family because they will be soon walking into your life.

These friendships will help you to blossom and trust again. They will heal your heart and you will heal each other.

Stay on your path and be hopeful of the future.

A personal sketch of your elf aspect or guide is still available for €100. Contact me for your order.

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