Be who you were always meant to be

This is a sketch for a soul that wanted to connect with her elven self. They always come through with the energy that is needed to become aware of.  It’s always to empower people and help them to connect with their own innate truth.
Much gratitude to the soul sister of this elven sketch.

This elf is all about magic. She has a vivid imagination and is able to see beyond dimensions. Her energy is very dreamy and soft. She can flow with the energies just and has the essence of water.
Her 3d eye is open and she is there to help connect to the higher dimensions. She can teach how to tap into hidden talents and expand them.

Here is her message:

“You can work with your naturally born talents to connect to the unseen world. You all have abilities which you were born with. Only you do not perceive them as something valuable. Maybe you were told as a child that you were too emotional and sensitive. Or that your imagination is too vivid and you have to stop dreaming and come back to reality. These kinds of teachings will stop you from seeing your connections to the other realms. But they are still there, nobody can take away what is your essence. You will never lose what is deep within you. You may forget or push it away and think you have lost it. But this is not the case. It is about remembering the things you used to do when you were a child. If you were a dreamer then you already know how to connect to your higher self.
Start recalling the parts of yourself that were denied by others and you will start to open yourself to your inner truth. Your inner eye will start to see what has always been there.

Be as you were before the world told you you should be someone else. You will see how magical you truly are.”

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