The Goddess of healing

The human body has the ability to heal itself. When connected to the healing power of the soul it can transform any kind of pain. For this it is required to have a certain conciousness. If you are on the journey of discovering who you are inside hen you are already working with this power.
Healing is a process and the body will give signs to show where there are still old energies / pain.
Working with the body, mind and spirit will help to bring everything back into balance.

This is a goddess with healing shaman energies within her. She works with the feminine green serpent energy to remove all toxins from the body, mind and spirit.

She is very tall, beautiful and dressed in very little clothes with the color green.
She is a goddess that is very much in touch with earth and its medicine.
She dances and moves in very flowy movements that can bring you in a state of trance.
The goal is to let to of limiting thoughts, beliefs and pain that have become part of the identity of this incarnation as a human being.

“Set yourself free from pain and structure that does not service your soul. You are meant to be free in your body and in your life. Your mind is the one that keeps you imprisoned in beliefs that you can not move freely and free yourself. You have the key within you to unlock your heart and to receive the healing love you so much deserve. Come dance with me to the rhythm of your own soul so you can see for yourself how much freedom you have within yourself.”

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