Creations of the night

This is one of my favorite elves so far and I can relate to him deeply. I will describe what I sense from him but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same for you. He will reflect back at you what you need to see.
But he is pretty amazing, I love him. 🥰

Please share your thoughts about him and if you decide to work with him then you can share your experiences. I would love to hear them!

His name is: Aelyndril.

This elf has many interesting sides to him and I will list a few.

He is able to hide in the shadow and be unseen. He is as silent as the wind and has the ability to move quickly and effectively in a fight. He can disarm someone easily.
He has gone through battles of his own: inside and outside. He had to go through the dark night of the soul to be back to his light and be in peace with his own inner demons.
He has a dry sense of humor and likes to enjoy himself in the company of others. He is very charming and has eyes that are almost hypnotic. He sees what is in someone’s heart: he does not only see light but he also sees the gems hidden in their darkness.

When looking at him you will be able to connect with parts of yourself that are not yet integrated. What you don’t yet see he will reveal…if you dare to look.
He will help to tap into yout element of fire and passion.

The force of light combined with the fierceness of darkness that is integrated is a force that is unstoppable.

“The sun can warm your skin and let flowers grow. It can make rivers seem bright and the water will sparkle as a reflection from the sun. You can clearly see your path ahead of you. It is comforting to walk in bright light knowing that everything is visible and where you know you are safe. It is a part of earth that soothes the human nature. It is beautiful, just like the soul is.

And then you have the night. It is filled with stars and the moon which also leaves sparkles on the rivers and it puts the world in a blanket of peace. Yet when there is fear the night will seem like a terror where creatures are hidden that are ready to attack. It is the fear of the night that feeds the illusions of these terrors. The scary creatures are only created when they are not seen for what they truly are. These creatures are your strongest allies. They will transform into whatever you want them to be for you are their creator.
They will only be monsters if you choose to hate them. They will be your protectors if you choose to love them.

And so you will bring two worlds together: day and night, yin and yang, dark and light. The two are not meant to be seperated and fighting each other. What a useless battle this is. There is no greater waste of energy then to battle two sides that are equally as powerful and can be used to work together. Which creature are you still fighting inside? Remember: you decide who and what you create.

End this battle by becoming friends with your night and let the stars shine brightly on your inner creations for they are all powerful and they are all you.

Do you want to see your true powers? Then let me show them to you and step into my world of nightly creations.”

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