Happy New You!

💫What do you desire for 2023?💫

The new year is about to start and it’s good to become aware and express your desires for what you want to in the coming 12 months.

What kind of feelings do you want to experience in this new cycle?
What kind of manifestations do you want to call into your life?

The universe answers to what you want to happen and if you don’t work with your desires in a conscious way then your hidden and fearful thoughts can come to life. Everything you put your focus on and concentrate on will manifest itself, whether this is positive or negative.

So I want to share my desires with you for 2023 and I want to encourage you to do the same. Dare to dream things into reality and don’t give up in believing in your manifesting powers. Especially now the manifestation energy is super strong. What you wish you WILL create but it is up to you to make it happen. Nobody else will do it for you: you have that power to manifest because you are the creator.

❤️‍🔥My desires for 2023 are:
*To step out of my comfortzone and to do things that I have been afraid to do for most of my life.
*To challenge myself and to give myself space to make mistakes. To grow from it with patience and compassion.
*To feel freedom in expressing myself in ways that are foreign or uncomfortable for me.
*To feel JOY in being here on earth and to continue to choose to do things that are FUN for me despite the fear of not fitting in and being judged.
*To dare to be vulnerable and sensitive without fears or shame
*To live in abundance in friendships, work, soul family, money.
*To love myself deeper and to accept myself fully the way I am

💥From a physical perspective these are the things that I want to bring into my reality:

  • I want to finish the book I started to write about the elfen realm. I want to touch people and let them be inspired by the memory of their own magic.
  • I want to travel, see other cultures and meet my soul family from all over the world
  • I want to get my driver’s license
  • I want to start doing digital art
  • I want to start organizing gatherings where like minded people can meet and connect. I want to work together with my soul family and so we can co-create and support each other.

This is it, that’s all for 2023 although my list is so much longer! 😁

💖What is your desire for 2023? Please share it with me and everyone so that it can grow by sending love towards it.

The more people can connect with your dreams the more they can support you in your creations. We are so much more powerful together. We are not meant to walk alone here. Put yourself out there and the universe will respond to you in the most loving way.

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