Break free and follow your path

Whoa the energies have been kicking my butt these past few days but I have finally been able to channel this elf.

Who is he?
His name is Andakhai.
He is a fierceness warrior: he does not stand back and watch but he takes charge and he leads. He is fearless because he understands that there is no greater truth than the one that is in his heart.
He does not hesitate or question what needs to be done. He has known many wars and has fought bravely through all of them. He definitely has Archangel Michael energy in him.
He looks so serious in this painting because he wants people to stop and question things that are happening around them. Truly question whether what we see is the truth, to not believe what we see and to not follow blindly what we are told to do. He is here to help us break free from the illusion of fear.

Here is his message! I hope he inspires you as much as he inspired me with his energy and message. 殺

“Look into your heart when you need to be brave. Search for strength from within because you have always had it in you.
Now your potential is unlocking. This year will be the year that the lion is released and your roar will be heard from afar. There where you have been doubting yourself and where you have felt lost not knowing where you are headed you will now know. Much is being dismantled and the illusion is being removed from your eyes. You will see your path with more clarity, your vision will be sharper and your mind will be more clear. All that has been stopping you before will be no more.
I have been working together with many others to clear the obstacles on your path. Other places in different timelines and dimensions have an influence on earth and therefore on you. All of those who have chosen to walk the path of the ultimate truth will know what it feels like to have  freedom. The freedom to be YOU. The chains are being broken and there where you have been feeling enslaved you will now know what it is to feel at peace. This peace will help you see the master that you truly are within your soul.
You came here to learn and to grow but all of you who are reading this are already true masters: otherwise you would not be here.  I am here to remind you of your warrior self. I stand by with each fight you face, I will not run and I will not look away. I know that you will not either because I can see right into your soul. True warriors like yourself love so deeply that they will conquer all.

You are here with a legion of warriors of light and peace. Do not be afraid to stand up and speak your truth because it is you who is bringing the change: the change that is so much needed.

Be brave and follow your heart no matter where it leads you even if this means you have to walk alone. I am walking beside you: ALL of you.”

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