The time for sacrifice is over

Hey guys! Here is a higher self portrait from an amazing soul sister that I may share with you. I am grateful to this sister for this connection.
This higher self showed herself with a dragon that has a protective energy. It was swirling around her like a guardian.
So much light and stars were shown. The love was palpable. Enjoy her message!

“Beloved ones,
Taking care of yourself and taking care of your needs is one of the most loving things that you can do for yourself. For it is when you give to yourself that you are serving the universe in the most beneficial way.
I know that what you have been taught is quite the opposite. You have been made to believe that giving to others is the only right way to serve and that giving to yourself is selfish.

Many centuries of these kind of beliefs have been passed down from one person to another. But it is now time to stop giving outward and expecting fulfillment in return. Although giving to others is a precious act of love it stops being an act of love if you neglect your own needs.
Taking care of yourself does not only mean you have to buy yourself things. It means that you take the time to listen to your feelings and to hear your what you want. This is should be a daily practice.

Not many people can even name what they truly desire to receive from life because they have never listened to their inner voice. Many believe that they came here to serve others and sacrifice themselves for the greater good.
But the time of sacrifice is over, now is the time to start giving fully and unconditionally to yourself.

If you desire to feel love: then give love to yourself. If you desire to have more joy: give yourself that what makes you feel joyful. If you desire to receive abundance: be abundant towards yourself. Do you want to have loyal friends: start being your own best and loyal friend.
The universe will reflect that which you are willing to give to yourself. It speaks the language of love and the more you give of it to yourself the more you will see it in your life.
Start giving more to yourself: more love, more healing, more encouragement, more support, more loving words and praise, more of everything that you have always wanted but never had. Express yourself, use your words consciously to become aware of what you truly need. Write it down, speak outloud, have a conversation with yourself. You will be surprised to hear what your needs are once you start being honest towards yourself and how many of them aren’t met.

Begin to truly give yourself the time that you deserve and connect to your needs. This way you will discover what it is that you want from life and it can be given to you in return.

Love is generous and this generosity should be given to yourself first. This way your abundant inner self can share an unlimited amount of anything another person needs because you will find fulfillment from within.

Make sure your cup is always full before you give to others. So remember to fill it daily with your own care and praise.”

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