Walk your path in lightness

His name Philleneias. He is an elf that spends a lot of time in nature and works with the elements. He has been around for a long time and has seen many events come and go. He is excellent in using the gifts of nature for healing purposes but also knows how to use them for protection and defense. His senses are very sharp as he is trained to notice when things are off balance. He will not engage in unnecessary fights and will not waste his energy on those that have inflated egos. He is a warrior that has advanced physical combat skills but he is so very calm and hard to provoke. He strives to stay balanced even when the energies around him are not. He finds his grounding in nature and likes to walk barefoot so that he can feel connected to the earth. He finds nature to be a very important part of his spiritual practice as it centers him and brings him back to his own essence.
Calm, balanced, experienced, truthful, wise, strong, disciplined but also lighthearted, friendly, accepting, kind and understanding. Unexpectedly funny if you get to know him.

Hey all! There is a different message for everyone from this elf depending on where you are in your journey. There is no wrong in what you receive when you tune in with an open heart and connect from a loving space.

He is here to help if you want to live in an authentic way and if you are ready to discover parts of yourself that are new to you. He comes to those that are not afraid to see themselves for who they really are inside. It’s a brave thing to do to look into the mirror and to not run away from what you see.
If you look into his eyes you will see your own reflection because this is what he is here to show you: your truth.
Want to connect with him and move deeper into your true self? Simply invite him into your space and ask him to help you. He is eager to connect with those that want to discover what true love really means.

“Walk your path in lightness. Take off your shoes and feel the grass beneath your feet. While you are walking take off your heavy backpack and straighten your back. Fill your lungs with fresh air and take in the oxygen that the trees are providing for you. Remove your old armor and leave it behind so that the sun can touch your skin. Make sure to take off your helmet and open up your senses to your surroundings without anything hindering you.

Undress yourself further as you walk along. This path is yours, there is nobody there unless you want them to be. Dare to be naked, vulnerable, sensitive, innocent, pure because this is who you are underneath all the layers of protection that you have been wearing for so long. This protection does not only prevent you from being hurt but it is also preventing you from feeling loved.
You have a new armor waiting for you to be worn. It is the armor of your soul. It is made out of pure light and won’t let anything enter that is less than love.
Envision your new armor shining brightly in the colors of your soul and know that you are always safe to be exactly as you are.
In this new armor there is no shame, fear or guilt. There is only love and acceptance of your wholeness.

Be proud of yourself and keep walking in trust. Don’t fear because you are light itself.”

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