Your heart is being cracked open

This is an elf I created for a soul sister of mine that I may share with you all. She is a warrior and I feel a strong energy of he Valkeries in her.
She is here to help and restore balance but also to show the beauty of life. She has gone through wars and because of this she has learned valuable lessons that she wants to share right now.

I felt her message so deeply in my heart. I hope you can feel it too. You are important and what you do is significant. ❤

“Your heart is being cracked open. The shell around it is being broken off so that you can feel love like you have never yet before. While this shell is breaking you are going through emotions that have been turned into what you can describe as a stone. They were solidified in your body and have taken place in your cells until you were ready to release them.
It is happening, dear ones, you are freeing yourself from the inauthentic self that has been a part of your identity for so long. This old part of you is being removed by your souls request. So whichever you are going through right now that makes you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, lost, unworthy is a part of the release of this old jacket that you have been wearing for so long. It is weighing you down and it is dimming your light. But your light is breaking through this old identity and your authentic self can no longer be hidden.

My dear ones, this process may feel uncomfortable for you and you may even question the purpose of your existence on earth because you are unable to see the beauty of your own light. You are in full transformation and you are fighting hard to break free from old paradigms that you were born with. This is the real fight: the one you are having within yourself. Yet this is not a war and losing has never been an option. Victory is already here and the fighting is merely a perception within your current reality. What is truly happening is that you are birthing your true self into this world. You are opening the way for the new generation of way showers: the children with the universal knowledge they already have from within the womb. They will shine so bright because it is YOU who chose to break through the old. You are doing the hard work because you are the souls who have been through many wars in other galaxies. You know how to restore balance because you have worked on this before. What you are doing on earth right now is not new to you, it is by no means a novelty. You already know it all and you chose to do it again on earth. And this out of the immense capacity of love and compassion that you are able to feel deeply despite the pain that you feel and see others go through.
You know why you are here and you should also know that you are already doing what you came to do. Bringing balance into a world that has been imbalanced for a very long time. You are the ones that know how to restore and rebuild a civilization. This is not your first time in doing so.

Remember your eagerness and willingness to help earth through this transformation upon your decision to join this mission. Remember the love in your heart and your promise to create a new world with the souls that are with you on your journey.

You are all here together in this transformative times creating a new foundation for souls that are going to join you soon.
You may not realize this but every soul that is currently living on this planet is contributing to the creation of a new world. Whether you perceive this soul to be good or bad, it does not matter: the higher plan is set in motion and will not stop no matter what.

Let your heart lead the way, let love be your guide and remember that no matter what happens: you are fulfilling your destiny.”


  1. So much Gratitude. You know me so well bringing tears of release to my eyes and my Heart. I feel the deep pain of release within my Heart. I wanted to change my name to Valkyrie. My Earth name is Valerie. Thank you, Thank you, for putting my feelings so elegantly into words. So BEautiful. Much Love Light💛🌟


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