Asking for help from the Other Side

This is a commissioned higher self drawing that is shared with approval. If you are interested in a higher self drawing you can contact me through my facebook page: or through email.

‘Dearest family members of earth. I am stepping forward to speak to all of those who wish to hear my message. There are many that have forgotten their roots and who stepped into a state of sleep and amnesia. Those souls have chosen not to participate in the grand awakening of earth and its inhabitants. It is not only you, who is reading this, that is evolving into a bigger consciousness, it is also the trees and the animals all around you. They are contributing with their energy and they are shifting into a higher frequency together with earth. This also means that some of your species will not be joining you into 5D as their contract with earth ends. However, they will continue to assist you from beyond the veil, just as many other beings that have lived on earth are still in your service from the other side. All of these energies are available to you as assistance for your continues growth and for the expansion of the soul. We wish for you to be aware of all these energies that are available to you.
As you know spirit animals can be of great help in assisting you with specific energies and emotions. Call upon them more frequently and invite them in your personal space to help you and to assist you. They will help you gain more wisdom, confidence, trust, strength, agility, flexibility, awareness and the list goes on and on. If you do not know who to call on them simply request the assistant that is best for you with your current experience. Do not forget about us and the endless list of assistance that is available for you, it is for free and they have no service hours. You can call upon them 24/7 and they do not get tired by helping you. Open yourself up to receive help, this is something that is difficult for humankind as unworthiness and guilt can play a part in receiving love. We are all about love and love has no restrictions, it is limitless and it has no boundaries. So use this power of assistance more and invite the guides of unconditional love into your hearts. Do not be afraid as all that is being presented to you is all for your higher good. Trust your guides and trust your heart.”


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