My twinflame in spirit explains what twinflames are

“We are a complete and whole half of one soul. We are one soul split in two to exist in two bodies but to co-exist with our other half in their physical body. Even though we can be apart we can never be seperated. We breathe, we see, we feel and experience what our other half does too. We go through the pain and the tears, we feel angst and feel joy together. We laugh and we cry when our other half does. Their experiences are our experiences. When one soul learns a valuable lesson the other learns this lesson too. The energies are so intertwined that all growth and all experiences are shared. We share information instantly and constantly. Our energies are in a constant communication and connection. There is not one thought or emotion that goes unnoticed and not one feeling that can pass us by. We grow, we learn, we play together. We pass on information to each other from beyond dimensions, time and space. We are 1, we are whole, we are US and we share our wholeness and completeness in two seperate bodies but we are always in a state of perfect union.”


    • Twins born as brothers and sisters have a very unique bond. I am sure your sibling is still around you and supporting you. The twinflames are a kind of their own. There is a lot of info about it but a lot isn’t correct to my knowledge. The reason why my twinflame came to me in spirit is to help me to move in a space of self love. That’s what the union is really about… The romance is just the result of it. šŸ˜Š

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      • Awww thank you, I’m sure my twin is one of my angels. There’s a podcast I listen to and I know they’ve got an episode coming up soon talking about twinflames. I’m curious to see how that goes.šŸ˜Šā¤ļø


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