The truth about darkness by Lilith

This is a commissioned dark aspect drawing that I am allowed to share from a wonderful soul sister. This is Lilith and this is her message, open your mind and allow yourself to feel the Truth in your heart.

“Greeting to all. Everyone of you has darkness and pain within themselves. Particularly in this lifetime you came with many memories of past lives that you were not able to release and heal. But in this lifetime you came with knowledge deep within what light and dark really stand for. That which you were not able to understand in previous lifetimes you are now able to see the truth in.
You have to understand that dark and light are allies, they are not enemies. It was your perception that made it to believe that dark was evil and light was pure. You have forgotten the truth and now you are judging yourself and others for not seeing their light. But, dear ones, how can you be in the light when you do not see your own shadow? Those that still walk in their shadow have not fully come to understand and accept the truth about themselves.

The ones that are here to heal themselves are discovering that darkness is Light that has not seen the truth for too long and many have forgotten that ALL is Light. Yes, I am now saying to you that darkness is light that has not been loved for too long, it has not been seen, heard, acknowledged, valued, taken care of… it has become dark because it has not felt love. If you start to acknowledge your own pain then you will see that there is love behind this. It has never left, it was just hidden because you chose not to see it anymore. You are now discovering all the parts that are hidden within yourself so that the Light can shine on this and that the darkness you fear is not darkness at all: for there is no such thing because Light is the perfect balance of all that exists.
Do not judge those that walk a path of unknowingness and choose not see the truth for they too are Light that is not seen by themselves.

YOU are the seers of Truth and you know to look deeper than the darkness that you see in others. See beneath the pain that others carry and see their Light for it is a reflection of your heart.”


  1. I am only waking up since The beginning of 2018. I have just realised the balance between Light and the Darkness. This message really warms my heart. I am not that experienced in this, I am just learning. Thank you so much for the information.


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