The merge with your divine masculine

This is a commissioned twinflame drawing that I am sharing from a soul sister. It is time to the allow the divine masculine to merge with the divine feminine and accept his love so we can heal.

“Beloved ones. As you move further on your part of ascension it is important to integrate all parts of yourself. Even those that you fear to connect with and that feels like they are too painful. As you are now moving deeper into your hearts you will come into places of yourself that you thought you had processed in the past and have let go of. You are connecting deeper with Earth and therefore you are coming deeper into yourself. You are moving with Gaia through the deepest layers of your soul right now. It might feel heavy for you, it might feel dark and you might even feel like you have lost all control of your emotions and how you feel.
It is all right, dear ones, to feel like this. You are feeling the pain of your ancestors, you are feeling the pain of Gaia that is deep in the layers of earth. Every cell in your body exists of Gaia and you are all going through this right now. The merging of the feminine and the masculine is happening in all layers. You have already moved through several layers of the energetic body and now you have come to the part that feels the most heavy to you: the acceptance of the unconditional love in your physical body. The physical body is for you difficult to accept and this is the resistance that you feel right now. Your cells remember the physical rejection and the physical separation throughout your incarnations and in your bloodlines. It is in fear to let go of these memories as it feels like this can happen all over again which can cause you to feel anxiety.
To make this process easier move into a place of trust and speak to your physical body that it is now safe to let go of the old pain. That you wish to release yourself from any ancestral pain and that you choose to be free. You have a choice, dear ones. Be aware of this and make that choice right now. Say: “I am freeing myself from my karmic pain and I choose for unconditional love. I am ready to allow the divine masculine to merge with me and become ONE in all layers.” Keep making this choice for yourself, dear ones. Remember the love that your beloved masculine holds for you. Remember that your divine masculine holds you through this all. Even if you have felt lonely and rejected your divine partner is within you and now wishes to support you and heal you so you can open your heart.

Dear ones, you will all know love again, you will all love and be loved like you have never felt before. It is all coming: believe, have faith and allow yourself to be loved and embraced by your divine counterpart.”

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